Trade School: A Wise Investment to Jumpstart Your Career

When students choose to pursue higher education, there are numerous routes they can take to earn their degree. That being said, there are many reasons why a trade or vocational school could be a perfect fit. Lower tuition costs, the ability to start working sooner, and thorough hands-on training are just a few reasons why education through our trade school programs is a practical investment.

Additionally, students who have completed schooling have an increased chance of being hired for a job they desire, compared to those who do not have an education.

Read on to learn more in-depth information about the benefits of trade school and why becoming a student at the New Castle School of Trades is more than worth the investment.

1. Graduate Quicker, Get Hired Sooner

When students are planning out their futures, it is wise to determine a tentative timeline for their careers. However, there’s no reason why schooling should take up a majority of that timeline; instead, why not choose to pursue an education that takes less than four years to complete?

According to The New York Times, only 19 percent of students at public universities actually earn their four-year degrees in four years, meaning the remaining 81 percent of students could take five or even six years to finish schooling. With that in mind, some of the key benefits of our vocational school programs include:

  • Graduate in Less Time: Compared to four (or five or six) years at a university, our programs can be completed in less than two years, and for some programs less than one year. For example, our Industrial Maintenance program takes only 40 weeks to complete.
  • Complete at Your Convenience: With full-time classes available and part-time options available for our truck driving program, as well as day and night classes for some programs, our trade school is designed to work with our students and their busy schedules.
  • Start Working Quicker: Since our programs take less time to complete, our students can start making an income faster than those at other schools.

Upon graduation from one of our programs, our faculty will also increase value of your investment by offering job placement assistance and career training in everything from resume writing to landing an interview.

2. Solid Career Prospects

From motorcycle mechanics to electrical technology and everything in between, our trade school education programs provide our students with the chance to pursue jobs that are diverse and continually in demand.

When companies seek out new employees, they’re going to choose those who are the most qualified for the job. Upon completing our programs, our students are highly attractive candidates by nature of earning the certifications and training experience they need to start the job. For example, in order to complete our truck driving program, our students must earn their commercial driver’s license (CDL).

When students invest in the New Castle School of Trades, they’re investing in a vocational school that will teach them everything they need to know to be successful in their field. Once training is complete, many more doors will be open for students looking to build their career at variety of companies across the country.

3. Invest in a Hands-on Education

Compared to a four-year college, our trade school offers an education that is more personalized and hands-on. Here are some reasons why students can expect to receive training that is specifically catered to their needs:

  • Our Smaller Class Sizes – With fewer students, our class sizes are typically smaller than those of traditional universities. Because of this, every person can be heard and will not be lost in a sea of other students. Smaller class sizes mean that instructors take the time to actually get to know their students and learn more about them than just their names.
  • Classes Are Catered to Your Program – Unlike a four-year university that typically makes its students take general classes that have little to do with their majors, our students can count on learning things that only relate to their program and the careers they want.
  • Valuable Career Experience – Before graduation, students will have the opportunity to apply what they’ve learned at NCST into their fields. For example, our automotive technology training will give students the chance to use and be acquainted with industry-standard equipment they would be expected to use at their jobs on a daily basis.
  • Instructors with Real-world Knowledge – Our faculty is made up of a group of qualified instructors who have previous experience in the fields they specialize in. They are aware of what potential employers are looking for and adhere to these needs in the classroom.

4. Lower Tuition Costs

With our programs, students receive their education in a quicker timeframe, and at a lower cost. Since our programs can be completed in less than half the time of a four-year education, students will both be paying less tuition and be able to work in their respective fields for a longer amount of time.

In addition to students being able to earn an income more quickly, students who graduate from trade schools also have up to 70 percent less debt than a four-year graduate.

Along with our lower costs, we also have financial aid available for those who qualify, and we can assist students in locating local rental properties, so there’s no reason not to get started!

Invest in Your Successful Career Path Today

When students choose to pursue their education at our Pennsylvania-Ohio area trade school, they’re also making a long-term investment into their growing careers. With the opportunity to earn hands-on training in their fields in less time than a traditional college education, our students receive a leg up on being hired for jobs that they love.

To learn more about our programs, enroll in our classes, or read more about our accreditations, feel free to contact us today. We’d love to help and answer any questions you may have!