At the New Castle School of Trades, we strive to provide you with the skills and tools needed to help you have a successful career.

While this includes delivering high-quality education, training and job placement assistance, it also means giving you the necessary information for every step of the education process.

With that in mind, we have created a list of trade school blogs that can help you with everything from deciding if trade school is right for you to acquiring study tips, following industry news or keeping track of your finances after school.


Trade School Blogs


1. Explore the Trades


Not only does this site have an informative blog, but as a whole it is a valuable resource for anyone interested in trade school. With career outlooks, insights into what to expect from each trade, scholarship information and more, this is a resource every student should check out.



This website has a variety of resources, articles and advice for those interested in trade school. It even has student loan information and textbook resources to help you get started.


Higher Education Preparation Blogs


3. Parent Tool Kit


Although this blog is geared more towards parents, it provides useful information regarding financial aid and how to prepare for life after high school. This blog is ideal for anyone still in school and exploring his/her options.

4. Hack College


Updated regularly, this blog offers a variety of articles ranging from note-taking tips to technology recommendations and much more. A perfect blog for anyone looking to achieve success in higher education.

5. Study Hacks Blog

Written by a computer science professor, this higher education blog offers a variety of advice and tips for any type of student. With study and organization tips, advice to eliminate stress and so much more, this blog is essential for trade school students.

6. Plan for College

Focused on preparing students for higher education, this blog is ideal for high school juniors and seniors. It offers an array of guidance, specifically with financial aid facts and tips.


Industry Specific Blogs

In this section, we’ve broken down part of our list by industry so you can find the tools you need to excel in your chosen career.


Automotive/Trucking Industry


7. Mechanics Hub


Geared towards mechanics throughout the industry, this blog provides a wealth of information including technology updates, industry news and real-life lessons from professionals. And with videos, photos and more, this blog is sure to keep you visiting again and again.

8. On the Road


Author Jim Park has more than 20 years of experience in the trucking industry, giving him the unique advantage of incorporating his own insights into his posts. Offering advice, news and interesting stories, Jim covers every aspect of the industry, making this an essential read for those in the program or those who’ve already graduated.

9. National Tool Warehouse

Keeping you up-to-date on the latest tools in the industry, this automotive industry blog is designed to help you do your job more efficiently. The blog also covers a variety of other topics, such as how-to’s, industry news and general automotive information.

10. NADA Commercial Truck Blog

Overseen by the National Automobile Dealer’s Association Used Car Guide, this site covers automotive news, regulations and industry outlooks.

11. Just Auto

On this site, you’ll find a wide range of articles including stories about specific cars, auto industry analysis, trends, news, research and more. One unique aspect of this site is the ability to narrow down news and articles based on a certain region, company or sector of the industry.

12. Trucking Truth

If you are looking for honest insight into what it’s like to work in the trucking industry, then look no further than Trucking Truth. On top of its interesting and useful articles, the site also provides materials to help you study for your CDL exam, as well as a forum for drivers to ask one another questions.

13. Popular Mechanics

This site has just about everything you need to know about the automotive industry. With fun and engaging articles, it provides historical insights, up-to-date technological advancements and unique posts pertaining to cars and the industry as a whole.

14. Commercial Truck Success

Get tips, advice and stories from industry veterans in this informative trucking blog. Focusing on light- and medium-duty trucks, this blog is great for those just entering the industry.

15. Auto Shop Management Blog

Focused on the business side of the industry, this blog provides essential articles and tips for running an auto shop. If you are thinking about opening your own shop or taking over the family business, then you should be reading this auto industry blog.


Construction Industry


16. Building Design + Construction


A long-standing and well-respected construction news site, this blog covers all areas of the industry. Whether you are an engineer or a foreman, you will find vital information that pertains to your job.

17. Construction Informer Blog


With advice and insights from industry professionals, this blog is an essential read for anyone working in construction. The articles and podcasts cover unique and interesting topics including industry trends, outlooks and discussions that will leave you wanting more.

18. Construction Data Building Blocks Blog

This blog does a great job of breaking down industry data into easy-to-understand posts so that anyone can understand what is happening within the construction industry. In order to stay up-to-date on facts and trends pertaining to your career, make sure you add this site to your reading list.


Based out of the UK, this award-wining construction magazine offers in-depth news and analysis while also providing information on other topics such as sustainability and safety.

20. Equipment World

Focused on heavy equipment used in the construction industry, this blog is designed to keep you updated on benefits and trends of the machinery you use each day. This site also touches on industry news to provide you with a well-rounded look at what is happening in the industry.

21. Engineering News-Record

ENR has been a valuable resource for those in the construction industry for a long time, and continues to prove just how great it is. Providing industry data, analysis, news and commentary, this is an essential read for anyone working in construction.

22. Constructonomics

If you want an inside look at the construction industry, both the good and the bad, then Constructonomics is the blog for you. Construction manager John Poole is very frank about his experiences in the industry, creating thought-provoking and interesting content.

23. Construction News

Another UK-based blog, Construction News specializes in forecasting, trend analysis and market intelligence. This blog is a great resource for staying on top of what is currently happening and what the future may hold for the industry.

24. Construction Today Blog

Providing insight and advice on a number of topics, Construction Today Blog covers a variety of subjects concerning the industry. Including Q&A posts, industry news and much more, this is one site that everyone should be reading.


Manufacturing Industry Blogs


25. Shopfloor


Managed by the National Association of Manufacturers, this blog focuses on policy changes and political impacts upon the industry. This site is an essential read in order to stay updated on regulations within the manufacturing world.

26. Manufacturing Innovation Blog


This easy-to-read blog covers a variety of manufacturing topics, including business, data and trends, finance and more. For tips, advice and industry insight, make sure you bookmark this site.

27. Manufacturing Matters

Covering a wide range of sectors, this site is an important resource for anyone in the industry. With this blog, you will stay informed on topics related to your specific sector, including projected outlooks, innovations and tips.

28. Visionary Welding

Author Brian Dobben is an experienced welding engineer and uses his experiences within the industry to provide insight and advice. His posts range from the need for experienced welders to discussions of new technology used in the industry. If you are thinking of becoming a welder or already are one, make sure you are reading this blog.

29. Women in Manufacturing

Tailored to women, this manufacturing blog provides valuable advice and tips about the role gender can play for those working in the industry. Whether it’s discussing leadership, communication, industry news or challenges one might face, this blog is a great resource for a variety of reasons.

30. Manufacture This

This blog, which is operated by the non-profit Alliance for American Manufacturing, focuses on the American manufacturing sector, discussing important topics and how they affect the industrial sector. This is a great educational resource for anyone working in manufacturing.


With topics ranging anywhere from safety to strategy, this blog covers just about everything when it comes to the manufacturing industry. Plus, with photos of the day, videos and more, this site provides you with an interesting and fun way to remain updated on the industry.


Renewable Energy Industry


32. Energy.Gov


Written and managed by members of the U.S. Department of Energy, this green energy blog is a reliable resource when it comes to industry news and statistics. It also discusses interesting articles pertaining to numerous topics, making it an informative and valuable read.

33. The Green Energy Blog


This blog focuses the majority of its content on new ideas and innovations within the green industry. Updated regularly, these posts provoke insightful discussions, making it an informative resource for those entering the renewable energy industry.

34. Clean Technica

Providing informative news articles, video interviews and industry analysis, Clean Technica is one renewable energy blog you should definitely be reading. This site’s work can be found and referenced in a number of national publications and continues to prove its value year after year.

35. Renewable Energy World

The sheer volume of articles on this site makes it an essential read for anyone working or thinking about working in the industry. With financial analysis, in-depth articles and even opinion pieces, this renewable energy site has a well-rounded approach to industry coverage that makes it invaluable.

36. ACORE Blog

This blog by the American Council On Renewable Energy provides you with the big stories happening in the industry. Although not updated frequently, these in-depth articles provide insight into and analysis of what is happening both on a national and global scale.


Personal Finance Blogs


37. Young Adult Money


Full of easy-to-read, helpful articles, Young Adult Money is an ideal resource for learning how to make, manage and save your money. Updated regularly, each post provides valuable information perfect for those working their way through school.

38. Budgets Are Sexy


Designed to present you with financial advice in a fun and interesting way, this is one finance site you’ll enjoy reading. The site has everything from budget templates to stories of the author’s own finances; this is definitely one blog you want to add to your list.

39. PT Money

Author Phil Taylor covers a variety of topics on his personal finance blog, ranging from credit scores to holiday gift ideas on a budget. The valuable content you’ll find on this site is presented in an interesting and informative way that makes it another essential read.

40. Money Ning

Covering everything from living frugally to how to retire early, this finance blog is full of invaluable articles. Designed to help you change the way you view debt and finances, this site will have you rethinking what you know and help you to create a more financially-sound future.


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