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mani di uomo al alvoro sulla tastiera di un notebook informaticoWhether you’re wrapping up your trade school courses or are just getting started on one of our programs, it’s always important to think ahead. Once you’ve graduated from our vocational school, it’s wise to have a set game plan for the beginning of your career.

However, if you aren’t sure what you’ll be doing after graduation, that’s okay! It’s perfectly normal to examine all your options for the future.

Here at New Castle School of Trades, we want to help our students in any way we can. With that in mind, we offer you exclusive job placement assistance and career services to ease you into your next chapter. These services involve helping students determine their career goals, tweak their resumes and more.

To take these resources one step further, we believe it’s important to always have an eye on the career market you’re interested in. And one of the easiest ways to do this is by following dozens of career experts on Twitter.

By following these experts on social media, you’ll instantly learn more about your industry. On a daily basis, these influencers will provide extra tips and insights for you to utilize in interviews, during networking, and more – all in 140 characters or less!

Useful Career Resources to Follow on Twitter

Recruiters and Job Boards:

By following recruiters and job boards that focus on the field you’re interested in, you can learn more about which jobs are currently open, which jobs are more popular, and more.

  • Construction Jobs: Provides openings for jobs specifically related to construction.
  • HVAC Directory: This Twitter account frequently posts job openings for HVAC professionals across the nation.
  • Welding Jobs: For those looking to begin or expand their career in welding, this account is a job board of openings at all levels.
  • Mechanics Hub: An account dedicated to sharing mechanics news and job openings.
  • Truck Driving Jobs: This account tweets job openings for truck drivers as well as the latest news within the industry.
  • Diesel Tech Jobs: For diesel technicians looking for jobs, this account connects you to the latest openings and industry news.

Professional Experts:

Professional tradesmen are great people to follow on Twitter because they can provide more information about their career paths. Plus, social media provides a new platform for networking opportunities.

  • ConstructionExpert: This construction expert tweets articles relating to everything in the construction industry from roofing tips to budgeting suggestions.
  • Keith Goble: With a specialty in trucking, Goble tweets about topics such as trucking news and highway regulations.
  • Kelly Pickerel: The co-editor of Solar Power World Magazine, Pickerel tweets about the latest news and insights related to solar technology.
  • David Ning: While his expertise isn’t directly related to trade schools, Ning’s specialty of finance is an important topic for every student looking to begin their careers.
  • David Lee Cullen: Cullen is a truck driving expert who tweets about various news topics within the industry.
  • Welding Answers: This account tweets common answers for questions that professionals in the welding industry may have as they advance in their careers.

Industry News and Magazines:

By following media outlets and magazines that relate to the job you’re interested in, you’ll see dozens of career articles and industry news links in your home feed. Some great examples include:

  • com: This account provides expert knowledge about everything relating to the HVAC industry, as well as occasional job openings.
  • Land Line Magazine: This truck driving magazine provides the latest news and trends concerning trucking.
  • American Trucking: The American Trucking Association’s Twitter account, where the latest and greatest in trucking news is posted frequently.
  • Welding Productivity: This New Jersey-based welding magazine’s Twitter provides editorials of welding tips for interested professionals.
  • Weekly Safety: This account tweets ways to stay safe within your career, prevent injuries on the job, and more.
  • ElectricianAuthority: This source provides information, advice and more about a career as an electrician.

Utilize Our Online Career Resources Today

In addition to our personalized career placement resources, following the 18 Twitter accounts listed above is an easy way to learn more about your industry and how to begin or advance your career with a trade school education.

Interested in learning more about our employment services or where our students have been hired? Contact us today because we can help you jump-start your future career!