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We feel that, in order to maintain our reputation as one of the leading career education services in the area, we’re obligated to do more for our students in their pursuit of professional excellence. We offer our students and graduates the following:

Job placement assistanceProfessional Development Advising – We design these sessions to assist you in setting your career goals, enhance your job interview skills, help prepare your resume, and prepare for post-interview follow-ups.

Invitations to Prospective Employers – Our career services staff continually extends invitations to employers to visit our campus, interview graduating students, present employment opportunities and tests, and hand out applications to graduating students.

Contacting Potential Employers – A common reason people come to New Castle School of Trades is to find a new path for their career ambitions, so we feel it’s our highest priority to contact regional employers to find out about new hiring opportunities. Our placement office’s main function is to identify and develop current employment needs and refer qualified graduates.