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To improve the transparency of consumer information and help prospective students and their families make school decisions, NCST has created this page for easy, convenient access to reports and publications.

NCST’s most recent catalog, a complete list of textbooks and supplies, Annual Security Report, Employment and Graduation Rates, Program Specific Information, and additional disclosures all are available from this one page.


From accreditation and school history to academic information, financial aid funding, and student services, the information contained in NCST’s catalog is comprehensive. The school’s catalog is published annually during the summer and updated throughout the year by addendum.

Books and Supplies

Books, kits and supplies are available through NCST and can be rolled into the financial plan each student creates during the admissions process. However, for those students and families who would like to know which books, kits, and supplies are needed for their program of study, a complete, detailed list, including ISBN number, is available here.

Annual Security Report – Clery Act

Federal regulation requires an institution to compile an Annual Security Report disclosing the institution’s security policies, procedures, and crime statistics on or before October 1 each year. Current students will receive a copy of the annual report by email each October when the updated version has been completed. Prospective students are notified of this information at orientation.  Students may request a copy of this report at any time from the Director of Education.

Graduation and Employment Rates

New Castle School of Trades submits graduation and employment information to our accreditor, the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC), every year.  To latest ACCSC report is available here.

Program Specific Consumer Information

For important information regarding a specific program of study, select the program from the menu below:

Additional Disclosures

Please download the catalog above to receive additional information on:

Career Services                                                  Page 10

Copyright Information                                      Page 48

Disability Services                                             Page 47

Employment Opportunities                              Pages 54 – 66

FERPA                                                                  Page 16

Financial Aid Policies                                        Pages 23 – 38

Satisfactory Academic Progress                    Page 41

Transfer of Credit                                               Page 8

Tuition and Fees                                                Page 88

Voter Registration                                             Page 51