Heavy Equipment Training

If you’re looking for a heavy equipment operator school in the Ohio and Pennsylvania area, you’re in luck! The New Castle School of Trades offers high-quality heavy equipment training with expert instruction and hands-on experience.

Our dedicated faculty and staff are ready to take you from beginner to master in our comprehensive nine-month curriculum. Keep reading to find out more about this exciting opportunity.

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What to Expect From Our Heavy Equipment School

A career in the heavy equipment field requires that you learn how to operate industrial-grade and commercial vehicles safely. Our program teaches the skills of:

NCST’s heavy equipment training school curriculum is a 33-month specialized AST degree program – just eight months long – and will ensure that you learn basic rigging skills, proper driver safety techniques, how to maneuver a trailer and how to “read” a site plan. Additionally, our program prepares students to pass the class A commercial driver’s license exam.

And because we know not everyone has the same ease of scheduling, we also offer a weekend 46.5-week (12-month) program for those with outside time commitments.

Heavy Equipment Operator Salaries

A heavy equipment operator’s salary will depend on a number of factors, including education and experience. NCST will help you get both with hands-on training that prepares you to be an exceptional employee from your first day on the job.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job opportunities for construction equipment operators should be good because of the need to fill new openings as well as replace those who retire or otherwise leave.

See the Bureau of Labor Statistics for more specific job outlook information.

An Accredited Heavy Equipment Training School

NCST has been offering skilled trade training for Pennsylvania and Ohio residents since 1945. Over the years, the quality of our programs and instruction have become well-known in the training sector and we see great things for us heading into the future.

As an accredited heavy equipment school, we’re dedicated to seeing our students succeed in their chosen careers. This is why we offer extensive job placement assistance services.

Upcoming Class Start Dates

Weekday Start Dates:

Weekend Start Dates:

Welcome to the New Castle School of Trades

We strive to offer our students experienced heavy equipment training with only the most knowledgeable instructors. If you’re ready to become a part of the team, click here to enroll.

If you’d like more information about enrolling in heavy equipment training school, or what the program entails, contact us today and one of our admission advisors will be happy to help you.

Your career in heavy equipment operations is just around the corner. Get on the road to success today!

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