HVAC Salary And Job Opportunities Are Growing
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HVAC salary, job creation, and employment are all growing faster than the national average.

According to the US Department of Labor, employers prefer to hire formally educated mechanics, specifically graduates from trade schools like New Castle School of Trades. See the US Department of Labor for detailed information.

Read on to learn how technical schools can help you earn an excellent salary as an HVAC technician.

How Do I Get The Optimum HVAC Salary?

As with all careers, to earn the optimal wages it helps to get a solid education that gives you experience and the latest technology training.

New Castle School of Trades can offer all these aspects as well as job placement assistance training to assist you in presenting yourself and your skills in the manner that employers respect.

The new careers in heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration largely revolve around new technology and other advancements in all industries.

Instruction from a formal educational institute is among the best means of achieving the proper vocationals and access to these new technologies.

Also, the computer training we offer will increase your wage prospects, as newer buildings increasingly rely on sophisticated computer systems to run their climate control.

HVAC Salary Range According to National Statistics*

The overall employment prospects for heating, air-conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics are excellent and growing much faster than the national average for total job growth according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. See the Bureau of Labor for more details

This means that hands-on training from a trade school can really help to increase your opportunities and distinguish you from the competition.

Some of the largest employing industries for HVAC include:

“My training prepared me very well. My instructors taught me everything I needed to know to go to work and I thank them.”

Patrick Russell-Refrigeration & AC Technology Graduate

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