New Castle School of Trades Admissions Processes and Procedures

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Admissions representatives at New Castle School of Trades make a point to meet prospective students face-to-face. We feel that this is the best way to assess your personal commitment to the trials ahead.

We make the final decision on your application based on the information you submit on your qualification form, test results and our representative’s recommendation. We stress that you must have the willingness to work within our school policies and procedures.

We accept all applicants without regard to race, creed, sex, color, age or national origin.

Applicants who possess a high school diploma or General Equivalence Diploma (GED) must pass an entrance examination.

trade school studentYou must also demonstrate, through a personal interview, the desire to complete the course and benefit from the job training.

Applicants who have the ability to benefit from the training offered by the school and are beyond the age of compulsory school attendance, in the state in which the school is located, and are not high school graduates or possess a GED may be admitted into the Commercial Truck Driving Program at the school.

These individuals will be admitted upon passing the entrance exam administered by an independent, third-party tester.

The New Castle School of Trades’ representatives who enroll students will make a sound appraisal of the prospective enrollee through a personal interview. The school makes the final decision on all applicants based on the information submitted on the applicant’s qualification form, test results and representative’s recommendation.

Applicants must have the willingness to work within the school policies and procedures. Applicants for the Commercial Truck Driving programHeavy Equipment Operations with Commercial Truck Driving program, and Diesel and Heavy Equipment Repair Technology Training program  must hold a current driver’s license, obtain CDL (Commercial Driver’s License) Learner’s Permit and possess an acceptable driving record from the Motor Vehicle Administration.


Transfer of credits is accepted on the basis of the applicability to the chosen program of study. Students transferring from other post-secondary institutions or requesting advanced academic placement may challenge up to 50 percent of the credit hours required to graduate in a particular program offered by the institution.

For credits to be accepted, students must have an official transcript sent directly from the previous educational institution’s campus. Only courses with a minimum of “C” or equivalent will be considered for transfer credit. To obtain a transfer of credits, a student must submit on an application the courses they wish to have considered for transfer credit. Each transferred course will be posted to the academic transcript reflecting a grade of “TR” and will not be factored into a GPA.

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