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Our motorcycle and power equipment mechanic school delivers the skills you need to work with small engine systems. Training includes experience with PWCs, ATVs, dirt bikes, riding tractors and more.

Motorcycle and Power Equipment Mechanic School

Are you interested in becoming a motorcycle mechanic? Would you like to learn the ins and outs of small engine repair and become qualified to service motorcycles, ATVs and more?

The Motorcycle and Power Equipment Technology program at NCST can open the door to a career working with all the best grown-up toys. Join our motorcycle technician school today!

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The Basics of Motorcycle Mechanic School

Our 60-week motorcycle mechanic school is designed to prepare students to diagnose, troubleshoot, disassemble and repair motorcycles and small engines. It provides the nuts and bolts of what it takes to find a job and build a career servicing machines and gear that use small engines.

Our motorcycle repair school goes beyond teaching about “just engines.” NCST students will learn about all of the major systems in a piece of power equipment.

During this training, students will develop an understanding of what constitutes effective and routine maintenance and repairs, while receiving hands-on training with specialized tools and equipment.

Major Systems Maintenance & Repair
Hydraulics Piston Replacement
Electrical System Bearings & Gears
Fuel System Valves & Bushings
Ignition System Wheel Alignment, Steering & Suspension
Transmission Chassis Assembly
Frame Fabrication

Motorcycle Technician Career Opportunities

Graduates of the New Castle School of Trades’ motorcycle mechanic school will acquire all the skills necessary to find entry-level work repairing motorcycles, but there’s so much more that the program offers.

By going through our motorcycle mechanic school, you’ll also gain extensive experience with the following types of equipment:

  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) – Work on four wheelers/quad bikes and more, learning how to diagnose and troubleshoot engine problems.
  • Marine – Learn all you need to know to effectively work on motorboats, including lower unit and impeller maintenance, and how to service the numerous mechanical systems of the engines.
  • Personal Watercraft (PWCs) – Play a vital role in the engine repair field by mastering your skills on PWCs, equipment with high seasonal servicing needs.
  • Dirt Bikes – Acquire the skills to fix dirt bikes and mini bikes right alongside their larger counterparts, making yourself a diversified engine mechanic.
  • Small Engine Equipment – Learn to service, maintain and repair a wide variety of systems utilizing small engines like riding tractors, push and riding mowers and chainsaws.
  • Tools & Outdoor Equipment – Further equipment you’ll be qualified to work with by going through our repair school.

Employers know that a well-trained motorcycle technician who also has a solid grounding in repairing other types of power equipment has the knowledge and skills necessary to work through complicated problems, confidently tackle repairs on new types of equipment and generally get the job done.

motorcycle mechanic courses PennsylvaniaWe even take our motorcycle repair school training one step further and provide our students courses in:

  • Technical & applied math
  • Customer service
  • Business management
  • Job search & personal finance
  • Prints & schematics

Take a closer look into what our motorcycle repair school offers by checking out the motorcycle & power equipment program outline!

Our goal is to educate motorcycle and power equipment mechanics so that they have everything they need to break into a new career and become successful once they are there.

Job placement assistance, resume help and personal counseling are all available to assist our students in reaching their future career goals.

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If you are interested in an education geared toward motorcycle repair and maintenance, this is the motorcycle mechanic school for you.

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Students from all over Pennsylvania and eastern Ohio have launched their careers at the New Castle School of Trades. Check out some of our trade school resources to learn more about a career in the skilled trades and visit our employer testimonials page to hear from companies that value our graduates.

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