Intro to Skilled Trades

Intro to Skilled Trades for High School Students and Recent Graduates

For some people the choice of what career path to take is simple and straightforward. They knew what they wanted to be from the time they could understand what a career actually was.

But for millions of others, the choice is not so easy. We look around, investigate, try out and begin things for what seems like forever without every really finding something that clicks.

In many cases this problem stems from a lack of understanding or knowledge about what career paths are really out there.

Some high schools do a good job of letting students explore all options but an unfortunate number are still stuck in the “College=Success” mindset.

For students that college does not appeal to, this can be a stumbling block. They are put at a disadvantage by never being made aware of the other options that are out there.

Guess What!

trade school in PennsylvaniaThere are careers available to you that do not require a college education! In fact, in many states more than half of the employed workers are considered “blue collar”.

In the past there were pretty much two career paths for Americans, or anyone for that matter, and they were farmer or tradesman. Either was respectable, and each was considered a career. Other occupations like lawyer, doctor or banker were the minority. The industrial revolution and other technological leaps forward balanced the scale a bit, but tradesmen have always made up at least half of America’s workforce.

Somewhere in the last 20 years, people began to ignore the trades. It was as if, since technology was becoming more universal and there were more opportunities opening up that required a college education, they simply forgot about the manual or skilled trades. That did not mean that jobs in the skilled trades disappeared or were replaced; technology and business simply created new categories of jobs.

It is time to remind the youth of America that there is more than one way to make a living, and that it is just as fruitful, respectable and profitable as the college route.

Deciding to take a career path into the skilled trades and becoming an electrician, carpenter, roofer or welder is a viable option for the emerging generation of workers.

Great Opportunity

There is a lot of opportunity for hard-working young people in the world of tradesmen. Technology may not have supplanted the trades but it has definitely affected them.

High-tech tools and technologies are being used every day to make the work of mechanics, machinists, carpenters, and masons more efficient and sometimes is even changing the way they do things.

Technology has also created work for many skilled tradesmen as there is a growing need for technicians who can properly install, set-up, and maintain the high tech facilities and equipment that many other people take for granted.

Check it Out!

We encourage all the young people out there who have never considered work in the skilled trades as a viable career to rethink their position. Forget what others have told you and look into it for yourself.

Browse around our website and read some of the great information we have put together about our programs and the jobs that may be available after completion. Do some searches about different trades to see if there is something that you might be interested in.

One thing is for sure, a career path is better than wandering aimlessly. You may be making okay money now and think that you don’t need a “real career,” but think again. At most unskilled jobs you will run out of growth opportunities and your salary will plateau. Without new skills or experience you will be stuck.

As a tradesman you will have a marketable skill that can get you work at hundreds of private companies, unions or even as your own boss running a contracting business.

The time for ignoring the skilled trades as a career path is over. Take control of your own thoughts and actions and make yourself accountable for the future of your career and life. Look into a skilled trade and if you find something you like, or want to talk to someone to get more information, come right back here and click one of the buttons below. We’ll be happy to help.

High School Contacts

New Castle School of Trades works alongside many high schools in Pennsylvania and Ohio to help educate students about opportunities in the skilled trades. Below is a list of partner high schools. If you see your school you can contact your schools Guidance Office for information about us and when one of our representatives will be visiting your school.

Allegheny-Clarion Valley High School Commodore Perry High School Leetonia High School Riverside High School
Ambridge High School Cranberry High School Liberty High School Rochester High School
Austintown High School Crawford Area Senior High Life Skills Youngstown Rocky Grove Jr/Sr High School
Badger High School Crawford County AVTS Lincoln Junior/Senior High School Saegertown Jr. /Sr. High School
Beaver County Career & Technical Center East High School Lowellville High School Seneca Valley High School
Beaver Falls Area Senior High School East Liverpool High School Mahoning County Career & Technical Center Sharon High School
Beaver Local High School East Palestine High School Mahoning County High School Sharpsville Area High School
Blackhawk High School Farrell High School Maplewood High School Shenango High School
Boardman High School Franklin Area High School Maplewood Jr./Sr. High School Slippery Rock High School
Brookfield High School Girard High School Mathews High School South Range High School
Butler Area High School Greenville High School McDonald High School Southside High School
Butler County AVTS Grove City Area High School Meadville Area Senior High Springfield High School
Butler Intermediate High School Hickory High School Mercer County Career Center Struthers High School
Cambridge Springs High School Howland High School Mercer High School Titusville High School
Campbell Memorial High School Hubbard High School Mineral Ridge High School Trumbull County Career & Technical Center
Canfield High School Jackson- Milton High School Mohawk High School Union High School
Cardinal Mooney High School Jamestown High School Moniteau High School Ursuline High School
Central Valley High School Karns City High School Neshannock Jr/Sr High School Venango County Vo-Tech
Champion High School Keystone Junior/Senior High School New Brighton High School Warren G. Harding High School
Chaney High School Keystone Junior/Senior High School New Castle Jr/Sr High School Warren Life Skills
Choffin Career Center Knoch High School Newton Falls High School Wellsville High School
Clarion Area Junior/Senior High School LaBrae High School Niles McKinley High School West Branch High School
Clarion County AVTS Lakeview High School Oil City High School West Middlesex Jr/Sr High School
Cochranton Jr./Sr. High School Lakeview High School Poland Seminary High School Western Beaver Junior/Senior High School
Columbiana County Career Center Laurel High School Quaker Digital Academy Western Reserve High School
Columbiana County High School Lawrence County Career & Technical Center Reynolds High School Wilmington Area High School

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