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All About Trades

These pages are geared toward people interested in learning about skilled trades, what they are like and what trades they may be interested in.

What Trade is Right for Me Quiz: We built this quiz as a tool to show which trades may suit your preferences, interests or skills. While not designed to pick a program for you, it can help point you in the right direction or highlight options you haven’t considered before.

How to Become a Tradesman: This gives you the nuts and bolts about how to actually start your career (get a job) as a tradesman.

Introduction to Skilled Trades for High School Students and Recent Graduates: Geared specifically toward young adults, this page will give you information about work in the skilled trades, what a career would be like and generally open your eyes to a career as a tradesman.

What are Skilled Trades & Other FAQ’s: This is a repository of common questions regarding what actually constitutes a trade, demand for tradesmen, income and such.

Trade School and College

The pages listed here address questions regarding the specifics of trade school, how it compares to college, its advantages and how to select one that is right for you.

What is Trade School: The basics about trade schools, what they are, what they do and why you may want to attend.

Trade School Benefits: Outlines the advantages of attending a trade school as opposed to strictly learning through on-the-job training programs.

How to Get into a Trade School: Tells you what you need to do in order to successfully apply to a trade school.

Trade School or College: This is a serious subject for many students and should be considered carefully. Neither choice is right for everyone; this page can help you make that decision.

Evaluating Technical Schools: Not all technical and trade schools are created equal; get information here about how to choose the best.

Other Resources

Below you will find information geared toward helping you find information and help from outside sources we believe may be useful.

Career Resources: An extensive listing of links for employers and job-hunting resources. The list is divided by industry for easy navigation.

Resume Resources: A list of sites that can help you understand what employers want to see in a resume and how to build one that will help you find work.

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