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What is an Employee Training and Development Program ?

Struggling to find job-skills training programs that fulfills your employees’ certification requirements? With today’s ever-changing trades certifications and constant equipment updates, how can you as an employer keep your employees up-to-date?

At NCST, we can help. Our evolving curriculum can educate green students with hardly any technical trade knowledge, as well as provide experienced employees with additional trade specific education quickly and effectively.

employee training No matter how much training your employees have had, there are bound to be gaps between individuals. Our trades training courses can fill those gaps by providing workforce training to your employees using our comprehensive classes in the Youngstown, Sharon, New Castle and Boardman areas.

Keep reading to discover how we use our skilled trade training programs to increase your employee retention. If you’d like to speak with one of our specialists to build your employee training program, call 1-800-837-8299 or get started by completing custom training information form.

Why Choose NCST’s Job Specific Training Programs?

As an accredited trade school, we have already developed the required skilled trades training programs to help individuals succeed in their fields. We provide you with the freedom to use any part of our courses to bring your employees’ training up to par. We’ll even evaluate everyone individually so we can efficiently train them.

Don’t waste your company’s time and money. We’ve designed our custom workforce solutions to be as long or as short as your company wants. Our job specific training programs work in conjunction with your own timeline, ensuring that employees will be learning a trade skill or a portion of a trade skill in the appropriate amount of time.

Investing in your employees with the right job-specific training can also increase employee retention. When your employees get the right skills they need to advance your business goals, they are also advancing their own careers. Learning new skills to take on more projects within your business will ensure they feel like they have a great place to work.

Have NCST’s instructors come to your business. We can hold on site-job training and development programs at your business so your employees can learn new skills on the equipment they’ll be using on a daily basis.

Top Workforce Development Courses

CDL & Diesel certification upgradesAt NCST, we have several choices for your employee training, whether you’re creating a training program for new employees or having current employees brush up on their skills. Our programs offer the knowledge and practice they need. Some of our top choices include:

  • Upgrade Welder Trade Certification
    • We can train your employees on the finer details of stick, MIG, flux core, TIG, non-ferrous and pipe welding with the use of industry-standard equipment, as well as the latest technology with STT Waveform Machines.
  • Upgrade Industrial Maintenance Skills
    • We can train your employees in a variety of areas such as hydraulics, pneumatics, industrial mechanics, rigging, welding, industrial electrical, PLC’s, HVAC and equipment maintenance.
  • Upgrade to Advanced PLC Training & Programming
    • We can train your electricians to have the necessary Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) skills to complete any job. At NCST, we will provide your employees with training in PLC operation, installation, programming along with PLC troubleshooting and PLC systems maintenance.
  • Employee CNC Machine Operator Training
    • We can train your manual machinists and upgrade their skills to include CNC turning operations/programming, CNC milling operations/programming, CNC coordinates and part geometry and CAD drawing design.

Regardless of your needs in terms of job-specific training, NCST has the right resources. With flexible employee training classes and knowledgeable instructors, we can help not only with training, but with employee retention as well.

How Can You Get Your Employees Trained?

Fill out our custom training form or call 1-800-837-8299 for more information on how our trade and technical school programs can aid your workforce development. We’ll be happy to help you determine which programs are right for you. Let us create a custom corporate training program for you and your employees!

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