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Are you looking for a Welding School in the Ohio-Pennsylvania area?

Like other people in areas like Youngstown-Warren, Sharon, an other cities you may find yourself wanting a new career and decided that welding was the one you want to pursue.

But when that’s the case, it then becomes a question of just what you’re supposed to do in order to get that career in welding.

Well don’t worry, because we’re here to help.

Learn more about what you get out of a welding school in the Pennsylvania-Ohio area and you’ll see just how you can make reach the kind of career you truly want!

What is Welding?

Welding is the practice of joining metals together and forming strong joints for the sake of construction projects large and small.

If you look around, you won’t have a hard time finding something that needed the touch of a welder in order to be built.

From the cars we drive to the buildings we live and work in, welded surfaces are an important part of our society’s infrastructure, so it makes sense that the need for skilled professionals only grows with time.

But, because the process of welding is so involved, the training required to gain the necessary knowledge is intensive and require comprehensive learning and hands-on practice.

Those are things that you can only acquire by attending a welding course that emphasizes practicing essential skills using industry standard tools similar to what you would encounter in the real world.

So What Do You Learn Through Welding School

When you commit to attending a welding trade school, you commit to learning the different kinds of welding that exist.

These can include arc welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, and the various subsets of each of these types, but that’s just the beginning.

Beyond knowing the techniques, a competent welder must also be familiar with the tools of the trade.

And through a welding school, you will be.

Once you enter the job field, you can expect to regularly encounter tools like

All of these are necessary to getting the job done and, because welding is so widely needed, you never know where you might come across any of these tools.

By training in their use through your welding courses, however, you’ll be ready to go the minute you graduate.

So when it comes to receiving the training you need to get ahead as a welder, who can you trust to provide you with the skills you need to get ahead?

Welding Training with New Castle School of Trade

If you want a top welding school in the area, then you can’t go wrong with New Castle School of Trades.

At NCS Trades, we know what it takes to get to where you want to be career-wise, which is why we offer comprehensive training that will teach you what you need to know so that you have the chance to become certified and earn a salary that could help improve your lifestyle and personal satisfaction.

By receiving your training through us, you will be prepared to pass the ASME and AWS tests so that you get the edge that will get you hired for the job you want. Curious as to what else goes into our Combination Welding Program, check out the program outline.

Beyond that, we work with area hiring managers and companies through our job placement assistance program so that you will have a job opportunities once you graduate.

These businesses know that our welding school goes above and beyond to give our students the most comprehensive training possible so they rely on us to help them make sure their needs are always met.

Your new career is out there waiting, so don’t delay!

Give us a call at 1-800-837-8299 or contact us on line by clicking here!

Once you do, you can get enrolled in our welding school as soon as possible and start on your path to success.


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