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Are you looking for welding training in Pennsylvania?

If you’re in a city like Pittsburgh, Boardman, Youngstown, or anywhere else in the Pennsylvania/Ohio area and you’re looking for an exciting new career, then one in welding is one that your seriously need to consider!

As a skilled trade, welding is one that is widespread and can be found in a number of different industries.

But getting a career in welding means having the right kind of training.

And we can help you there.

So keep reading this page to learn about welding training in Pennsylvania and you’ll see just what you can do to shape your career today!

This article gives you all the information you need to know about welding training.

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The Importance of Welding

You don’t have to look very far to find something that relies on welding in order to hold strong.

From the cars that we drive to the buildings that we live and work in, the skill to fuse metals surfaces together goes a long way to making sure people everywhere are able to enjoy the quality of life that they are used to.

By training in these skills, you can be that person that people count onto do what needs to be done.

From potential employees to the average person who will be using the structures that start with your welding work, your job as a welder could make a huge different in a number of ways

Training Through a Welding School

Some people may say they can perform a TIG weld or a MIG weld, but it’s another thing entirely to actually prove you can do it.

By taking welding training, you’ll be able to perform the various types of welding that have a wide range of applications, making you a valuable part of any job site in need of skilled welders.

But welding training provides you with several other unique advantages as wellincluding:

  • Working For Yourself — Welders frequently become widely recognized for the quality of their work and the range of their expertise. This prestigious reputation can provide a unique opportunity to start your own independent welding business no matter where you live
  • More Jobs Available — If you become a welder you can add your name to the database of the American Welding Society, otherwise known as the AWS.This will help you stand out from other welders who don’t hold the certifications that you can receive after you finish with your welding training.
  • Keep Up With New Welding Techniques — You can get the most recent information on new trends in the welding industry once you have obtained your certification.This will help you constantly learn, grow, and stay at the forefront of the industry no matter what develops.

What Can You Expect To Learn In A Training Course?

By entering a welding training course, you will learn what there is to know about welding from day one, meaning that you can graduate a lot faster and start your career right away in industries that including construction.

You’ll learn important skills like MIG weldingARC welding and TIG welding and, through hands-on experience, learn how to operate industry standard equipment like:

  • Electric Arc Welders
  • Automatic Pipe Bevel
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welders
  • Flux Core Arc Welders
  • Hand-Operated Grinders

When it’s all said and done and you get your diploma, you’ll be ready to enter just about any job site in any entry level position and get right to work!

So Where Should I Go for Welding School?

There are many ways to receive welding training, but if you want a program that will give you what you need, choose New Castle School of Trades!

At New Castle School of Trades (NCST), we offer a quality Combination Welding Program.

We focus on a series of courses designed to provide you with a strong background in a variety of welding applications and techniques based onASME and AWS specifications.

This means that you will learn the skills that really matter in order to get ahead.

Once you finish your welding training and are ready to find work, we can help you do that through our job placement assistance program, which will teach you about important skills like resume writing and interviewing, so that you have every advantage available to increase your chances of getting the job you want.

“I feel as a school, the programs and classes that are offered are ones to be envied by other learning institutions. N.C.S.T. covers just about all in demand careers that are not only in our region, but across the country. As for my shop, I feel that after researching other programs in the area, that I made the best choice by far. The program allows you to learn the welding trade from start to finish and everything in between. N.C.S.T. also has a group of instructors that genuinely care about how you are progressing on an individual basis. If you happen to struggle in any area, they work with you until you are able to conquer that task comfortably. Because of that individual support, I feel that everyone who enrolls in this trade has a real opportunity to excel and become successful.” 
Matt Bucceri
Combination Welding Graduate

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