Pennsylvania wind turbine technician courses

Do you want a career that pushes you to your limits in one of today’s fastest growing industries? If so, consider our Pennsylvania wind turbine technician courses in New Castle, PA.

Wind energy is currently one of the fastest growing renewable energy systems in the world. According to the American Wind Energy Association, the industry has expanded over 30% in the past 5 years, with 500 new wind turbines installed in 2013 alone!

As the industry continues to expand, the need for wind turbine technicians will continue. Don’t miss your opportunity to start a career in the alternative energy industry – sign up for wind turbine technician courses in Pennsylvania today!

Interested in learning more about our Pennsylvania wind turbine technician courses? Keep reading to learn how you can start a career in wind energy or call us today at 1-800-837-8299.

1. What Do Wind Turbine Technicians Do?

Instead of sitting at a desk all day or working inside of an office, wouldn’t you prefer a career that allows you to rappel and climb hundreds of feet in the air?

Wind turbine technicians not only install, maintain, and repair wind turbines, but they do it high in the air. Technicians typically work outdoors and see beautiful views of landscapes while climbing up to 300 feet to service equipment.

How do they work on those blades that average over 100 ft. long? Technicians will typically service wind turbine blades by rappelling down and fixing the blade up in the air!

When applying to a school offering wind turbine technician courses in the Ohio and Pennsylvania area, it is important to understand what to expect from your future role on a daily basis.

Job duties for wind turbine technicians may include:

  • Climbing towers to inspect and repair turbines
  • Ensuring new turbines are properly installed and ready for operation
  • Correcting mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical errors
  • Performing routine maintenance
  • Using computer software to test equipment and troubleshoot problems

2. What is the Wind Turbine Industry Outlook?

According O*net Online, wind turbine technician salaries are projected to be comparable to that of a skilled plumber or electrician. This makes the salary more competitive than those found for your average construction worker or roofer.

Remember, the wind power generation industry is very new and its full potential and capabilities are continuing to emerge, with a projected growth for the field that is much higher than most industries today.

3. What Courses Can You Expect to Take in a Wind Turbine Technician Program?

Students in our Industrial Maintenance with Wind & Solar Technology program have the opportunity to become versatile workers by gaining a strong background in industrial maintenance before receiving hands-on training for work as wind turbine technicians.

This means that students not only gain skills in welding, HVAC, hydraulics, and electronics, but they also get applied experience in activities like wind turbine blade maintenance.

In our wind power training courses, which are a part of our Industrial Maintenance program, you’ll get practice using:

  • Turbine power generators
  • Forklifts and rigging equipment
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Welders and cutting torches 

4. Why NCST Should Be Your First Choice for a Pennsylvania Wind Turbine Technician School

New Castle School of Trades is dedicated to delivering a thorough, fundamental trade school education to all of our students. Our industry-veteran instructors have the essential knowledge and experience needed to help usher in the new generation of skilled tradesmen and tradeswomen.

At NCST, in just 15 months, you can earn an Associate in Specialized Technology degree and start an exciting career in the wind power generation industry. And unlike some other trade schools, graduates of our Pennsylvania wind turbine technician school are ready to enter the workforce and earn competitive hourly wages immediately.

Additionally, after completing our wind turbine maintenance training, you’ll receive professional development advising from our thorough Job Placement Assistance Program.

This program provides our graduates with:

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So what are you waiting for? Start a career you will enjoy by enrolling in a wind turbine technician school in Pennsylvania and get the essential training you need.

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