Construction Trades


This curriculum is designed to provide classroom and “hands-on” training in the residential construction and remodeling fields; with particular emphasis placed on framing, interior/exterior finishing, and carpentry skills.


Create a solid Foundation

The Construction Trades program teaches students a variety of skills in the construction industry. Our students learn the basics of construction like block, brick, and concrete work, proper framing and carpentry, doors and windows, interior and exterior finishing, and roofing. 

Students learn how to build projects from construction blueprints, proper building codes, and how to calculate material costs. Students learn the proper procedures to complete a home inspection, and learn how to install kitchen and bath fixtures and remodeling.

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Upon graduation, students can obtain entry-level positions as carpenters, construction workers, siding installers, roofers, framers, drywall installers, home inspectors, and general construction workers. 


Students in the Building Construction Program will work with the following equipment: Table saw, disk and belt sander, drills/drill press, mortar mixer, band saw, planer, jointer, router, circular saw, reciprocating saw, compound miter saw, pneumatic equipment, hand tools, and transit. 



Course No.Course TitleCredits
B103AConstruction Printreading7.00
B104CBasic Carpentry6.00
B202AMaterial Cost Analysis3.50
B210Masonry & Roof Framing6.00
B211Masonry & Roof Framing Lab6.00
B212Exterior & Interior Finishes7.00
B213Exterior & Interior Finishes Lab8.00
B214Installation, Services & Leadership6.00
B215Installation & Services Lab9.00
B216Framing, Kitchen & Baths6.00
B217Framing, Kitchen & Baths Lab6.00
B218Supervision & Building Code7.00
B406AHome Inspection7.00
B501CBuilding Projects & Services18.00
C104DConstruction Math3.50
M102Core Competencies3.00
R215Computers & Job Search3.00
The order in which the above courses are offered is at the discretion of the school.