Heavy Equipment Operations w/ Commercial Truck Driving


Graduates of this program will acquire the skills necessary to operate a variety of light/heavy equipment used in the construction and transportation industry. In addition the graduate will be trained to drive a tractor-trailer in order to take the Class A Commercial Driver’s License Test. Through a mix of theory classes and hands-on practice the graduates of the program will be able to operate a wide range of equipment. These skills are supplemented with math, print reading, soil studies, and finishing/grading procedures. 



Students taking the Heavy Equipment Operations with Commercial Truck Driving program learn to operate a variety of pieces of equipment such as excavators, frontloaders, backhoes, dump trucks, and bulldozers. Students acquire a NCCER certification on each piece of equipment they train on as well as earn a Class A CDL with Tanker endorsement through the program.

Students train on both older, lever-style equipment as well as the newer joystick-style controls, including proper inspection and basic maintenance of the equipment. Our program also covers some things that most people don’t think about heavy equipment operation, such as completing a job based off of site plans, preparing a site plan, right of way concerns, and rules about how deep certain utilities have to be.

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Graduates of Heavy Equipment Operations will be qualified for entry-level positions as Tractor-Trailer Drivers, Dump Truck Drivers, Heavy Equipment Operators, Grade Helpers and Forklift Operators. 


Students will operate and use the following major pieces of equipment: Tractor trailer combinations, dump truck, bulldozer, excavator, front-loader, backhoe, tractor and fork-truck. 



Course No.Course TitleCredits
HQ101ASafety & The Heavy Equipment Industry2.00
HQ102CHeavy Equipment Safety0.50
HQ103CHeavy Equipment Identi cation & Maintenance1.00
HQ104ASoil Analysis1.00
HQ105ATractor & Forklift1.50
HQ106BDump Truck1.50
HQ108BBackhoe & Frontloading3.50
HQ110AEarthmoving, Finishing & Grading6.50
T101EDriver Safety & Procedures3.00
T201CBasic Operations5.00
T202Trailer Maneuvering & Cargo Securement1.50
T302BOperating Practices5.00
C100BBasic Safety & Material Handling1.50
C102DIntro to Trades Tools1.50
C103CBasic Rigging0.50
C106DPrints & Site Plans1.00
C107DField Math2.50
R150Personal Finance1.50
R215Computers & Job Search3.00
The order in which the above courses are offered is at the discretion of the school.