Machinist Technology


The Machinist Technology program is geared to provide the beginning machinist with the abilities, skills and techniques for entry-level positions in the field of machine trades. Students will be exposed to a combination of classroom theory and “hands-on” projects that will enable them to quickly develop the skills needed in the machine trades field. 


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The Machinist Technology program starts students out with the basics of machining: operating manual machines the “old school” method. Students train with manual lathes, mills, and drill presses while completing a variety of projects shaping metal. Students learn about geometric tolerancing, mechanical principles, and how to read blueprints.

The second half of the program gets into new technology and CNC machine operation. Students learn 3-dimensional design and learn line-by-line CNC programming. Students refine their skills on each machine by completing challenging projects, creating useful tools and parts in an on-the-job atmosphere.

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Graduates will be able to assume entry level positions as machinists, machine operators, metalworkers, CNC operators, CNC programmers, and CNC set-up personnel. 


Students will utilize the following equipment: horizontal band saw, milling machines, lathes, hydraulic presses, arbor presses, drill press, xturing jigs, precision measuring instruments, CNC lathe, CNC mill, surface grinders, and pedestal grinders. 



Course No.Course TitleCredits
MT110APrints & Shop Practices7.00
MT210ATurning Operations6.00
MT230AShaping Operations6.00
MT240AMilling Operations6.00
MT301AGeometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing3.50
MT310BMultiple Machine Operations5.50
MT400BCNC Coordinates & Part Geometry7.00
MT401BCNC Milling Operations16.00
MT402BCNC Turning Operations16.00
M102Core Competencies3.00
M201ATechnical Math3.50
M202AApplied Math3.50
M303AMechanical Principles3.50
R104ABusiness Management3.50
R121Service & Finance3.00
R215Computers & Job Search3.00
The order in which the above courses are offered is at the discretion of the school.