Student Services & Activities


Students who are relocating and must arrange their own housing may request additional
assistance from the Admissions Department.


The Information Resource Center (IRC) at New Castle School of Trades operates in support of the programs offered by the school. The Information Resource Center offers personal computers with internet access along with other computerized resource materials. An extensive collection of books, periodicals, and multimedia materials exist to contribute to the student’s education experience.

The IRC is open 7:30 AM until 9:00 PM. Monday through Friday. Students may borrow materials from the IRC. The loan period for books is two weeks; for all other materials, one week. Overdue materials and books are charged at the rate of $.50 per day.


The school strives to provide its students with a secure and safe environment. Classrooms, laboratories, and shops comply with the requirements of the various Federal, State, and local building codes, and the Board of Health and Fire Marshal regulations.

Students are responsible for their own security and safety both on-campus and off campus, and must be considerate of the security and safety of others. The school has no responsibility or obligation whatsoever for any student’s personal belongings, including school issued books and tools, that are lost, stolen, or damaged, whether on or off school premises or during any school activities. The school has no responsibility or obligation whatsoever with respect to any altercations or disputes between students, whether on or off the school’s premises or for any damages or injuries arising therefrom. Students should immediately report any medical, criminal, or other emergency occurring on the school premises to the School Director or Director of Education (or any other school employee if such officials are not available.) Upon receipt of any report of a medical or criminal emergency, the school will, on behalf of the student, obtain the services of medical or security professionals, as required. As part of any medical or alleged criminal activity, the school reserves the right to search a student’s locker. Following a criminal emergency, the school may require the reporting student to confirm in writing the details of the criminal emergency reported. Students are encouraged to promptly and accurately report all crimes to school officials and the appropriate police agencies.

The school complies and issues on an annual basis a Security Policies and Crime Statistics Report. This report discloses information about this school’s campus security policies and procedures, and statistics concerning the number of certain crimes that may have taken place on campus. Students may obtain a copy of the report from the School Director.


Transportation Assistance

The school maintains information on students interested in carpooling. Transportation to and from school is the student’s responsibility.


Ample parking is available for all students. Only cars with handicapped license plates or permits may use handicapped spaces. Cars without permits or parked in these spaces may be towed or ticketed at the owner’s expense.

Field Trips

New Castle School of Trades believes that training is enriched by observing real-life applications. When appropriate, visits are arranged to industrial or professional locations.

Special Lectures

Guest lecturers are invited to speak to students about career opportunities and current industry applications of educational programs.

Drug Abuse Prevention

Referral to an off-site drug abuse prevention program is available to any officer, employee, or student of New Castle School of Trades. Referral to the appropriate program will be made by the School Director or their designee.


A student who feels he/she is having difficulty with a course is urged to request assistance from his/her instructor or department head. Additionally, an instructor or tutor can be available for consultation on weekdays, after or before hours.

Make Up Time/Work

There will be no make up time for hours missed. Students may make up work at the discretion of the instructor.