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The New Castle School of Trades | A Dedication to Excellence

New Castle School of Trades has more than 70 years of experience training skilled technicians, allowing us to develop and refine our instruction methods over decades while keeping our sights set firmly on the future.

We know that when you’re looking for trade schools in the Pennsylvania and Ohio area you want to find a knowledgeable institution with the most up-to-date and sophisticated equipment available. NCST has all of that and more.

Welcome to the New Castle School of Trades. We’re ready to start you on an exciting new path!

Available Programs at Our PA Trade School

Whether you’re just beginning to learn about the trade school experience or you know precisely what you’re looking for out of an Ohio/Pennsylvania trade school, our comprehensive NCST website will help guide you to where you need to be.

You have your options when it comes to technical schools in the Ohio and Pennsylvania area, but we’re confident that our extensive catalog of courses and expert instructors will meet all of your needs.

Select from these great programs:

Trade school training in Ohio and Pennsylvania

Once you find the program that’s right for you, you’ll want to learn how trade and tech schools prepare you to be a highly demanded individual. And unlike other trade schools in PA, we offer a variety of resources and programs to assist you with your chosen career.

These resources are not guaranteed at other PA trade schools, so it’s definitely something to take into consideration as you make your decision and decide your career path.

Separating Ourselves From Other Technical Schools in PA and Ohio

For the last 70 years, New Castle School of Trades has been helping Pennsylvania and Ohio residents just like you get the training and hands-on expertise they need to prepare for an exciting new career in a booming field.

We know what employers are looking for and what they value in an employee. Our trade school near Youngstown will not only help you meet those needs, but we will provide you with the necessary job placement assistance that makes finding a new job easier.

Plus, a huge benefit of technical schools in PA like ours is that our hands-on training allows you to work with the same equipment you’ll use in the field, giving you an advantage during the application process.

As an experienced trade school in Pennsylvania, we’ve helped thousands of people find new careers. Contact us today because we’re ready to help you succeed! 

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