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High-Quality CNC Machine Training

The Machinist & CNC Manufacturing program at New Castle School of Trades is geared to provide the beginning machinist with the abilities, skills, and techniques for entry-level positions in the field of machine trades. Students will be exposed to a combination of classroom theory and “hands-on” projects that will enable them to quickly develop the skills needed in the machine trades field.

What to Expect from CNC Training

Those who receive CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine training can look forward to a varied and interesting career. The machinist training students will receive through classes at NCST will prepare them to fashion a wide variety of materials used in industries of all types. The Machinist & CNC Manufacturing program starts students out with the basics of machining: operating manual machines the “old school” method. Students train with manual lathes, mills, and drill presses while completing a variety of projects shaping metal. Students learn about geometric tolerancing, mechanical principles, and how to read blueprints.

At New Castle, PA’s machinist school, individuals will learn how to produce parts made of metal, plastic, and other industrial materials. During the second half of the program gets into new technology and CNC machine operation. Students learn 3-dimensional design and learn line-by-line CNC programming.

The courses NCST students take during the CNC machinist training program include but are not limited to:

  • Milling and lathe operations
  • Mechanics
  • Machining center basics
  • Coordinates
  • Manual operations
  • Turning center basics
  • Parts and codes
  • Offsets

Once a student completes their 44-week diploma program, they will be qualified to work in entry-level positions as a machine programmer and operator.

Machinist & CNC Manufacturing Training at NCST’s New Castle Campus

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The Machinist & CNC Manufacturing Program takes 44-weeks to complete at the New Castle, PA Campus.
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The Machinist & CNC Manufacturing Program is available for day training at the New Castle Campus.
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At the completion of the Machinist & CNC Manufacturing Program, graduates will earn a diploma.

CNC Machinist Salaries

The salary of a CNC machinist will be highly influenced by experience and education. NCST can help graduates become more attractive in both areas with hands-on CNC machine training programs. Salaries can increase if the individual chooses to move into a lucrative, highly specialized CNC programming position or supervisory role. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, job prospects for a new, qualified machinist are good.

Some of the largest employing industries with the highest machinist salaries include:

  • Aerospace products & parts manufacturing
  • Metalworking machinery manufacturing
  • Motor vehicle parts manufacturing
  • Machine shops
  • Employment services

Many industrial machines are now computerized, and their maintenance and even creation require that workers have considerable knowledge of computers and electronics. Earning a specialized diploma from the New Castle School of Trades’ CNC machinist school will show employers that you have the desired skills and expertise that companies seek today.

I would strongly recommend NCST to anyone who would like to enhance his or her opportunities for quality employment. The education I received at NCST was professional, thorough, and extremely rewarding. The entire staff could not have been more supportive. Thank you, NCST!


Shawn Sear, New Castle Graduate

Get Veteran Machinist Training at NCST

If you’re ready to take the first step towards a career in CNC machining, then it’s time to make your move. The labs you’ll work in during your machinist training are filled with the industry-standard equipment you will need to succeed, including:

  • Drill presses
  • Fixturing jigs
  • Horizontal band saws
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Lathes
  • Milling machines
  • Pedestal grinders
  • Shapers

Furthermore, not only will students learn the procedures for operating standard industry machinery, but you will also learn all the basic skills of CNC operators, tool programmers, and CAD operators after enrolling in our comprehensive CNC training program.

As an experienced technical school in the area, NCST is committed to ensuring our students get exactly what they need to succeed in their careers. We go above and beyond other machinist schools to make sure the skills students acquire to take them to where they want to go in life.

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If you have any questions about New Castle, PA’s Machinist school, please feel free to contact us today by calling 1-833-352-0808. NCST is ready to begin this new journey with you!