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Hands-On Welding School in Pennsylvania

Interested in a welding school in the Youngstown-Warren, Sharon, Pennsylvania-Ohio area but not certain where to begin? The Combination Welding program at New Castle School of Trades in New Castle, PA could be just the answer!

At NCST’s welding trade school, students will gain a wide range of experience working with a variety of welding techniques and metals to prepare for an entry-level welder position. This comprehensive course to provide graduates with a well-rounded background in various welding applications and techniques based on ASME and AWS specifications.

Understanding the Basics of Welding Training

The need for skilled professionals only continues to grow with time. However, because the process is so involved, the welding training required to gain field expertise is intensive and requires hands-on practice. These skills can only be acquired by attending welding courses from a trusted welding school. These courses emphasize practicing essential skills while using industry-standard tools similar to what a welder would encounter in the real world.

During NCST’s Combination Welding program, students will be introduced to and use oxy-fuel equipment, electric, gas, flux, and gas tungsten arc welders, portable and semi-automatic burning equipment, carbon and plasma arc cutting equipment, hydraulic shear, horizontal band saw, grinders and bevellers.

Combination Welding Training at NCST – New Castle, PA

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The Combination Welding Program takes 50-weeks to complete at the New Castle, PA Campus.
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The Combination Welding Program is available for both day and evening training at the New Castle Campus.
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At the completion of the Combination Welding Program, graduates will be awarded a diploma of completion.

Training for Welding Certification

When committing to attend a welding trade school, an individual is looking to learning the different types of welding training practices. These include ARC welding, MIG welding, TIG welding, and the various subsets of each of these types; all types of welding are taught at New Castle School of Trades, New Castle, PA Campus.

  • TIG Welding– A process generally used for welding together thinner sections of stainless steel as well as other metals like copper, aluminum, and magnesium. This process is often favored for the level of control that the welder has, which can lead to stronger, higher-quality welds in the end.
  • MIG Welding– This process is preferred for its versatility as well as its speed and how easy it is to learn compared to other techniques, like TIG welding and arc welding.
  • Arc Welding– This form relies on a high-energy power supply to create the electric arc, which is the breakdown of a gas that produces the ongoing discharge of plasma needed to melt the materials together. Its low cost and the fact that many of its products have a wide range of applications make this one of the most commonly used methods.

In the Combination Welding program at NCST, students learn everything that is prevalent in the job market. MIG, TIG, stick, pipe, nonferrous metals like aluminum and stainless, and flux core are the types of welding covered. Blueprint reading, fabrication, grinding and welding math are added in for a more complete experience.

Trade School for Welding Career in Pennsylvania

The materials taught through New Castle School of Trade’s welding classes are based on the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and American Welding Society (AWS) specifications. Students can rest assured knowing they’ll receive a thorough welding education.

At NCST, we know what it takes to get to where our students want to be in their careers. We are proud to offer comprehensive welding training that teaches our students everything they need to know about the welding field. By receiving welding training through New Castle School of Trades, students will be prepared to pass the ASME and AWS tests and get an edge on the job market.

I enjoyed my experience at New Castle School of Trades. I highly recommend any student to come if interested in learning a new trade. The instructors are always very supportive and eager to help their students. If you have any questions or concerns they will help you in any way possible. I enjoyed learning about Welding. I had zero knowledge about the welding trade when I started. I’ve learned that I absolutely love it and can’t wait to begin my career as a welder.


Lydia Godinich, New Castle Graduate

Begin a Career as a Welder with Help from NCST

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, the future continues to look optimistic for welders because many employers often have trouble finding qualified workers to fill the many open vacancies they have.

Graduates of the Combination Welding Program will be qualified for positions such as:

  • Combination Welders
  • Fabricators
  • Repair Welders
  • Pipeline Welders
  • Pipe Welders
  • Construction Welders and Burners

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New Castle School of Trades’ dedication to student success means working with area hiring managers and companies. New Castle’s job placement assistance program helps students pursue job opportunities available to them once training is complete. These area businesses know that NCST’s welding school goes above and beyond to give students the most comprehensive training possible.

Get in touch with NCST – New Castle, PA today by calling 1-833-352-0808, filling out the form on this page to learn more, or click here to apply now! Your future is out there waiting!