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An Experienced HVAC Training School in Pennsylvania

The Refrigeration & A/C Technology program at New Castle School of Trades teaches students how to make things cold or make things hot. This program is designed to provide students with entry-level knowledge and skills to install and repair: heating, air conditioning, and commercial/residential refrigeration equipment.

Trained technicians will find themselves doing something new each day, from repairing commercial refrigeration units to mending complex heating systems. New Castle, PA’s Refrigeration & A/C Technology training can get you started on the path toward a rewarding job in the industry.

Refrigeration & A/C Technology Training at NCST – New Castle, PA

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The Refrigeration & A/C Technology Program takes 60-weeks to complete at the New Castle, PA Campus.
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The Refrigeration & A/C Technology Program is available for both day or evening training at the New Castle Campus.
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At the completion of the Refrigeration & A/C Technology Program, graduates will earn an Associate of Specialized Technology Degree.

HVAC Technical and Vocational Certification Courses

New Castle School of Trades has developed an HVAC training school designed to provide complete beginners with the technical knowledge and skills needed for the HVAC industry.

Heaters, fans, blowers, condensers, air conditioning, and air distribution systems are all part of the climate control portion of the A/C Technology program. Students troubleshoot, diagnose, repair, and maintain equipment including metal fabrication in NCST’s state-of-the-art HVAC lab. There is also an emphasis on electrical work and how it relates to climate control systems.

NCST will put your A/C technology knowledge to work while training in our HVAC lab using standard equipment such as:

  • Walk-in coolers and freezers
  • Commercial reach-in coolers and freezers
  • Ice-making machines
  • Central A/C units
  • Heat pumps
  • Standard and high-efficiency furnaces
  • Two-stage and modulating furnaces
  • Oil and electrical furnaces
  • Sheet metal brakes, shears, and roll formers

Job Outlook for HVAC Technicians

As with all careers, to earn optimal wages, it’s imperative to get a solid education that gives both experience and the ability to work with the latest technology. In addition to the hands-on instruction students receive, the computer training also offered with this program will increase wage prospects, as newer buildings increasingly rely on sophisticated computer programs to run their climate control systems.

HVAC salaries, job creation, and employment are all growing faster than the national average. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, employers prefer to hire formally educated mechanics, specifically graduates, from trade schools like the New Castle School of Trades.

Ultimately, the expert instruction received from our experienced HVAC trade school such as NCST can help to boost opportunities and distinguish oneself from the competition. Graduates of this program will be able to assume entry-level positions as air conditioning service and installation technicians, parts and counter persons, building maintenance, refrigeration technicians, furnace installers including sheet metal fabricating.

The class size and facilities are excellent for getting the best education possible. The staff and instructors are always willing to help you with any issues you may have. Job placement seems to be a topic that is held high and they do everything they can to place you into a great career.


Mike Engle, New Castle Graduate

From HVAC Training School to a Career

Once trained and ready to start hunting for a job, NCST’s job placement assistance team will show you what Pennsylvania-area employers are looking for in new hires. Students learn interviewing skills, how to write a professional resume, and other communication skills that will put them on the fast-track to a new career.

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