All courses at New Castle School of Trades are available to disabled individuals. Students with disabilities are encouraged to schedule an appointment with an Admissions Representative to discuss their individual needs. The Admissions Department at New Castle School of Trades is happy to discuss the special needs of disabled prospective students and will make every effort to accommodate them. Students with disabilities may be asked to submit documentation of the disability they are requesting academic accommodations. This documentation should be current and include an evaluation completed by a recognized authority.

The school Director of Education and the student will discuss how the disability will impact their learning and what services/academic accommodations are appropriate on an individual basis. All information shall remain confidential unless the student provides written authorization. Students with disabilities who need classroom accommodations should call and make the request well in advance of the start of the classes. New Castle School of Trades is approved to train individuals who are referred and funded by the Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation and is also approved for Veterans Rehabilitation enrollees.