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Interested in scheduling a visit at a New Castle School of Trades Campus? Uncertain what to expect? Well, hesitate no more. Two things are for certain: you’ll be well taken care of at NCST,  and, you’ll walk away knowing more about what New Castle School of Trades has to offer in their trade school programs.


When students first come to an NCST campus, they can expect to meet an admissions representative. During this meeting, the representative will take the time to get to know the student’s current situation and their goals for the future. After the student and admissions rep has had a chance to get to know one another, the representative will go over information about New Castle School of Trades and the student’s desired career path.

New Castle School of Trades does not expect individuals to enroll on their first visit. NCST Admissions staff go into every first appointment purely to give prospective students the information they are looking for. Individuals interested in training at NCST should expect to take a quick assessment prior to their first visit. This helps to determine whether the person will be eligible to enroll. For more information on NCST’s admissions process, visit our admissions page.

Prospective students along with an NCST Admissions Advisor will then will go on a full tour of the campus. Students will see every program and resource the trade school has to offer. Admissions Representatives will cover details about each career path and how it might benefit the student. Visiting students should expect to hear about their trade school program of interest throughout their tour, but will also learn about all programs provided at the New Castle School of Trades Campus. Visitors should expect to tour the entire NCST facility, including observing a live classroom or lab. They might also be introduced to program directors, financial aid professionals, and career service offices.

Once the tour is concluded, the Admissions Representative will check to see if any other programs sound appealing to the student and cover the details of those programs. Once the individual’s career path has been narrowed down, the student can talk with Financial Aid, and any other staff needed to make sure the student is on the right path.


Please note before filling out the form, individuals interested in attending NCST are able to visit Monday – Fridays with options of visiting during the morning, afternoon, or evening. Tours are only given on days NCST Campuses are open and operating. After filling out the form, you still receive a phone call or email from an NCST Admissions Rep to set up the exact date and time of your visit.