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What You Should Know: Heavy Equipment Operations

Become Highly Sought After

The construction industry needs skilled workers as the industry is facing a worker shortage that goes beyond hiring anyone off the streets. The current workforce is aging, with very few young people coming in to replace them. Therefore, getting trained as a Heavy Equipment Operator will make anyone interested in joining the construction industry more valuable and reduce their job turnover.

NCST Trains You Right!

At NCST, we train our students to handle most machinery they will be operating while on a job site. The machinery that NCST trains are:

  • Forklifts
  • Backhoes
  • Bulldozers
  • Excavators
  • Dump trucks
  • Tractor-trailers
  • Front-end loaders

NCST’s Heavy Equipment Operator program is a 30-week program in which students are tasked with learning the basic skills to operate each machine, how to safely drive in different workspace conditions, the basic rigging skills, trailer maneuvers, and how to read site plans. This type of training allows NCST students to work in almost any construction situation where heavy equipment operators are needed.

NCST also offers students the option to get their Class A CDL. By adding a Class A CDL, students can operate the machines and transport them from site to site, adding value to their training.

Graduated, What Now?

After graduating from NCST, students are prepared to enter the workforce without any hesitation. When companies hire Heavy Equipment Operators, they tend to hire those who have graduated from trade schools. A Heavy Equipment Operator’s average salary is $66,000, with most starting out earning $44,000. With the job shortage affecting the construction industry, most can expect to be making more starting out. This shortage also means that having a trade school degree is that much more valuable.

NCST offers financial aid services to help qualified students afford training without worry. Financial services include grants, loans, and more! NCST also offers students a comprehensive job placement program to help graduates find jobs and opportunities that fit their needs.

To get started today with your next career visit https://www.ncstrades.edu/contact-us/ and we will be happy to help you!