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Interested in Attending Trade School? Try Evening Classes

Here’s Why Evening Classes May Be the Right Option for Your Schedule

Are you considering attending an experienced trade school like New Castle School of Trades? Sometimes it’s hard to sort out all the practicalities of getting additional education. Fortunately, NCST supplies students with the possibility of taking evening classes. Evening classes provide you with the kind of options your busy life requires. Let’s take a look at all that our evening classes involve.

Class Structure and Availability

NCST’s evening classes follow the same coursework and class structure as our daytime. You can view a complete listing of what each course includes by visiting our programs page. Evening classes are offered from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and begin every 10-weeks, corresponding with winter, spring, summer, and fall quarters.

Our Evening Class Program Offerings

New Castle School of Trades offers evening classes for the following programs.

  • Automotive Technology– Students within this program develop the hands-on skills that automotive professionals and employers expect of their hires. The coursework features training on a variety of essential automotive equipment. These including brake lathes, exhaust gas analyzers, computer scanners and computerized information systems. This training is all guided by the insights of veteran instructors.
  • Building Technology– Students in our Building Technology program are able to open a lot of doors for themselves within the construction industry, helping themselves qualify for positions like project manager, building inspector, general contractor, construction supervisor, facilities engineer, and more. Carpentry, construction safety, construction materials, and roofing are all topics covered in the courses.
  • Machinist Technology– Those who complete this program will develop the skills sought after by industries that regularly utilize machinists such as motor vehicle manufacturers, aerospace part manufacturers, machine shops, metalworking manufacturers, and more. Students in our program take coursework focused on subjects like machining center basics, offsets, parts and codes, and coordinates.
  • Refrigeration/AC Technology– If you’re looking to learn essential HVAC techniques and develop skills for a future within the industry, this is the program for you. Equipment you’ll work on includes walk-in coolers and freezers, heat pumps, electrical and oil furnaces, central A/C units, two-stage and modulating furnaces, ice-making machines, and more.
  • Electrical Technology– Our Electrical Technology program supplies students with the vital skills they’ll need to have to tackle a range of on-the-job issues. Some of the equipment our students train on to prepare for these eventualities include oscilloscopes, breadboards, conduit benders, meters, PLCs, digital power supplies, three-phase motors, and more.
  • Combination Welding– In this program, students learn key welding processes including TIG welding, MIG welding, and arc welding and work with a diverse range of equipment like electric arc welders, flux core arc welders, oxy-fuel cutters, pipe levelers, hydraulic shears, portable burning equipment and more, preparing them for a variety of future tasks.

As you can see, NCST’s evening class programs are diverse and cater to a range of student interests within numerous skilled trades.

The Benefits of Attending Evening Classes

By attending evening classes, students can receive numerous benefits that day classes cannot provide. Some of these advantages include:

  • Convenience: No matter what your schedule looks like, evening classes allow you to structure your days the way you want.
  • Smaller Class Sizes: Evening classes aren’t as popular as our day option. Therefore, evening classes tend to be smaller. Our instructors can offer more personalized attention.
  • Scheduling Advantages: Many students work while attending school. Evening classes are better designed to fit this need or family commitments. In fact, numerous of our students have spouses who work during the day so they can attend at night. Each spouse takes turns watching their children so they can avoid costly babysitters.
  • More Sleep: Students can organize their schedule to get more sleep in the evenings following their coursework.
  • Chance to Meet Different People: Oftentimes, evening classes have students who are continuing their education after being away from schoolwork for some time or those who have been a part of the workforce. These individuals can offer unique insights about careers others may lack.
  • Ideal for Night Owls: If you’re more productive during the night, or hate waking up early, then evening classes are built for you.

NCST Is Military Friendly and Career-Focused

NCST is dedicated to helping our servicemen and women acclimate to civilian life. We help veterans get started on pursuing their future careers. We are a Military Friendly School. If you’ve been a part of our armed forces we’re ready to help you in a variety of keyways. Evening classes can certainly be a part because you might want to secure a day job while pursuing your education. Additionally, our job placement assistance services are tailored to helping all students adapt to life outside of trade school and prepare them for job searches and the workforce.

By taking part in our evening classes you’ll receive help with:

  • Setting career goals
  • Resumes
  • Cover letters
  • Interviewing
  • Contacting regional employers

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