Electrical Technology


This program is designed to provide students with entry level knowledge and skills to install and service electrical applications within the residential/commercial and industrial fields. The program covers in practice and theory residential/commercial wiring, machine control, programmable controllers, telecommunications, solid state, and electronic control. 


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Electrical Technology starts students down the path to being residential, commercial, or industrial technicians. Students learn all the basic theories of electricity including Ohms Law, digital, solid state, and electronics. Residential and commercial wiring play a big part as does motor control and motor theory.

Programmable Controllers round out the advanced side of the program utilizing computer controls and electronic components to operate machinery. Touch screen technology and NEC residential codes are also included in the curriculum for a complete understanding of the electrical technology job market.

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Graduates of the Electrical Technology Program will be able to assume entry level positions as panel builders and testers, machine repair technicians, electrical assemblers, electrical helper, electrical apprentice, industrial maintenance technician. 


Throughout the program, students will work with the following types of equipment: various types of meters, conduit benders, all phases of motor control equipment, 3-phase motors, single phase motors, assorted residential, commercial, and industrial components, oscilloscope and programmable logic controllers. 



Course No.Course TitleCredits
E102AConstruction Wiring3.50
E103AResidential Circuitry6.00
E210Circuitry, Services & Conduit6.00
E211NEC Residential3.50
E212AC/DC & Motors13.50
E216Solid State10.00
E217Solid State Lab6.00
E219Programmable Controllers6.50
E220Programmable Controllers Lab6.00
E401AMachine Control7.00
E402AMachine Control Lab6.00
M102Core Competencies3.00
M201ATechnical Math3.50
M202AApplied Math 3.50
R104ABusiness Management3.50
R121Service & Finance3.00
R215Computers & Job Search3.00
The order in which the above courses are offered is at the discretion of the school.