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Entry-Level Driver Training

What You Need to Know About the ELDT Mandate

On February 7, 2022, the Entry-Level Driver Training Mandate (ELDT Mandate) will go into effect across the nation. This mandate was passed by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the Department of Transportation (DOT) to create safer roads by mandating CDL students’ curriculums. After February 7, 2022, all CDL schools must be approved by the FMCSA’s Training Provider Registry (TPR). The TPR is a database, an online portal where prospective students can search for ELDT approved training. It is also a place where schools can keep track of each student throughout their training process. The TPR also provides schools a unique training provider ID number that will be issued on every future NCST graduate’s record to prove they graduated from an ELDT certified school.

What is the ELDT Mandate?

The ELDT Mandate is an approved training curriculum for CDL Training. The mandate will create consistent, uniform training across all schools. FMCSA and DOT want to address each state’s different training regulations and rules to create a unified standard. The new training requirements will be split into two segments: classroom/theory and road driving. There are no set hour requirements for each segment, but students must pass an assessment to move onto the range and road driving. The goal of the ELDT Mandate is to create consistent CDL training across the country.

Why is the ELDT needed?

Currently, every state can set its own regulations and CDL training requirements. With so many variations and different training styles, all drivers may not have received the same training standards before getting out on the road. The ELDT mandate will eliminate inconsistencies by making CDL training more uniform, meaning everyone who obtains their CDL after February 7 will have the same training requirements. Any student who does not go to an ELDT approved school will not be able to schedule a CDL exam with the DMV.

How does the ELDT Affect Students?

Once the Entry-Level Driver Training Mandate goes into effect in February 2022, students pursuing a CDL will only be able to obtain training from an approved school. The only exception is students who have their Commercial Learners Permit before February 7, 2022.

The ELDT Mandate will not change how we teach our Commercial Truck Driving Program. Our current curriculum already meets the ELDT requirements. Our students begin in the classroom and will have to pass their assessment with a score of 80 or above to move on to the behind-the-wheel portion of the training. During the behind-the-wheel training, instructors teach students basic skills and maneuvers while keeping track of students’ practicing hours. Students’ information will be updated throughout the process to reflect their progress. They will then need to schedule a CDL exam through the DMV to take their test.

ELDT Resources

There are many resources students can look at when looking for additional ELDT Mandate information. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is overseeing the Mandate and is helping to implement it across the country. The Training Provider Registry is where you can get information on ELDT approved schools and training providers. Lastly, the Commercial Vehicle Training Association (CVTA) comprises CDL training facilities and schools across the country. CVTA is a strong advocate for the ELDT Mandate and is a great place to find more resources and find other schools to connect with.

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