Graduate Career Services

From the time a student enrolls at New Castle School of Trades, the primary emphasis is on employability and success in the professional work world. The success of the graduates in the work place is the primary reason most students select a specialized career school. While no ethical school can guarantee employment, New Castle School of Trades continues to maintain a high percentage of graduates employed in their field of training. Employment success is greatly influenced by the student’s attendance record, academic performance, previous employment history/record and overall attitude. The New Castle School of Trades qualified staff offers students the following career services: Professional development advising, assistance with employment applications and resumes, cover letters, extending invitations to prospective employers and contacting potential employers. Student Responsibilities – While the Career Services staff works diligently to assure that every student has employment opportunities, it is the belief of the school that securing employment is ultimately the responsibility of the student. The goal of the school is to train the student in job search and interview techniques that will be of assistance to the student throughout his/her lifetime.