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Bronson Bush

I grew up in a family that fixed anything with wheels. I always knew my future would involve working with my hands and fixing stuff. Because of how I was raised, I always thought I would be an Auto Technician, but I began researching the HVAC/R industry, the demand for it, and the diversity of the field, and it seemed much more interesting to me. I always love challenges. I chose to check out the HVAC program at NCST, but upon coming for my initial visit, the need for welders in 2012 was in such demand that the NCST rep thought it would be a good move to look into welding instead of HVAC. Looking back, I believe they were making sure that I truly wanted to be in the HVAC program. You should always be sure before taking that step. NCST and the instructors have a solid plan in place for students to prepare them for the real world. They hold students accountable for maintaining a proper uniform, time management, and trade-related safety procedures, which are also daily practices while you get your hands-on training. I will never be disappointed having chosen not only the HVAC field but skilled trades in general. Fast forward ten years, and I am happily married to a wonderful wife who is more than supportive in every way, and we now have two great kids. My hobbies are hunting and fishing and spending my off time with my family.

If I can share anything, it would be to let everyone know how important skilled trades are, especially at this time. Tradespeople are in such demand, and there are simply not enough to go around as the desperate need grows daily due to those who are retiring and more opportunities arising. Education, in-general is a wise decision, so no matter how you choose to train or educate yourself after high school, it can only help you. But also know that choosing a career in the skilled trades can be just as financially beneficial as a 4-year degree without the financial burden afterward.

If you have dedication and perseverance to your career in the trades, the sky is the limit.