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Kasiah Gilmore

As a child I had many different ideas and imaginations as to how my life would be as an adult. There was never just one thing I was absolutely certain I wanted to do. There were so many different occupations I thought about pursuing . But to choose just 1 would probably have been a Police Officer. The thought of being able to protect a community, my loved ones, and friends thrilled me.

It wasn’t until 11th grade in high school that I knew I wanted to be in a skilled trade. I toured a vocational school and realized I was not interested in committing to a 4 year or more education. At that moment in time, I loved cars. The second I stepped into the Collision Repair shop I knew it was something I could see myself doing.

During my time in high school, I attended the vocational Center for Collision Repair which happened to offer a decent amount of welding as well. I instantly knew that being a welder was something I could enjoy as my lifetime career. That being said, after graduation I didn’t even hesitate applying to NCST for the Combination Welding Program.

Attending NCST was an experience I’ll never forget. Yes, there is homework occasionally, and tests but the majority of my time was spent in the weld shop learning my trade through a hands on approach. The thing I enjoyed most about NCST was the experience I received while learning something I also enjoyed. You can go to college and sit in a classroom and receive knowledge, but no matter how many notes you take or how many quizzes and finals they give, you typically are not going to receive any hands on experience until you’re in the field.

One thing about NCST is that they will always stay connected! Not only will they help you get a job after graduation, they will help you 6 months, 2 years, 5 years after graduation with employment because as a graduate, they offer lifetime placement!! NCST has helped grow my work ethic, while attending school. They’ve helped prepare me for the work field, the real world.

Growing up, my friends and I wanted to go to college. There’s nothing wrong with pursuing your dream; to reach some of those dreams you may have to attend a 4-year college. However, the money that I spent to attend NCST was made back within a year after I graduated in 2020. So, if you’re someone who can’t afford college I’d suggest checking out a trade! On another note, FEMALES! Do not be afraid to try something outside of your comfort zone; YOU CAN DO IT!

Kasiah Gilmore, New Castle School of Trades Combination Welding Graduate