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Kibwe Beachem

As a child, I found myself always wanting to fix things. My big dream was to work for NASA! In my high school years, I did well in science and math, which ended with me going to school as an electronic technician.

By the time I came to New Castle School of Trades, I was in my 30s and wanted to expand on my previous electronic education, so I decided to get my Associate degree in Electrical Technology.

After completing the electrical program at NCST, I was very excited to begin working in the field. My first $100.00 came from a residential job running electricity to a customer’s garage. It was a great feeling!

Without the New Castle School of Trades, I am not sure what turn my life would have taken. They gave me a vision and hope; always said…a man without a vision shall perish.

My upbringing was in a very strict home, as my father was a career military person. My mother was rooted and had a strong belief in God which I still carry with me to this day.

I pass along my trust that having a college education is a good thing, but having a skilled trade and being able to work with your hands will never let you go hungry as the skilled trades are really what makes the economy and the world go round.