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Lydea Kraynak

Growing up, I never had a specific dream about what I would become as an adult in the workforce. I only knew that sitting behind a desk staring at a computer screen every day would not be for me. I have always been sort of artsy, so I wanted to go for a career that allowed me to be creative and make things I could be proud of. In my senior year of high school, I realized that a 4-year college degree might not be the direction I would take. So, I started researching the skilled trades. I thought it might be an opportunity to travel and create. I looked into the building trades program, but then I decided on industrial maintenance with wind and solar because renewable energy is up and coming and would possibly allow me to travel. I was happy with my decision as this program trained me in various fields such as PLCs- programmable logic controllers, HVAC, welding, wind and solar, electric, and more. Much of that training has also helped me save money by fixing things on my own around the house. After graduating, I landed a great job that has allowed me to use my skills learned at NCST and also acquire new ones. I have been with CCL Container for over six years now, recently obtaining my journeyman card in Lithography. I have also made some lifelong friendships at CCL. The crazy thing is that even though my job does not require travel, the money I make, there allows me to travel and see the world and has also given me the chance to have my own successful photography business in my off time.

My advice to anyone…especially women, put your fears aside and just GO FOR IT! I was 18, and the youngest in my class of all guys, with absolutely zero mechanical aptitude. Yes, I was and still am a Girlie- girl, but it just goes to show that anyone can make this happen if you don’t stand in your own way. I came through this course in 15 months feeling like I overcame the biggest challenge of my life. I was very proud yet humbled at the same time by this experience, and I will remain thankful for this part of my journey as it is the foundation of other chapters and good times to come.

I would personally like to say thank you to the NCST faculty, staff, and, most of all, the instructors. Mr. Wade, Mr. Welsh, Mr. Golling and many others who make it their mission to help people like me…lol, be a success story. You guys are awesome!

Lydea graduated in 2016 and obtained a 3.99 GPA and a 96% attendance rate.