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Olivia Whitmer

Carrie: As a child, what were some of the careers you dreamed about having when you grew up?

Olivia: Veterinarian, Chef, Baker, Rancher

Carrie: Did you know as a high schooler that you wanted to be in the skilled trades, and if so, what skilled trade did you think would be a good fit for you?

Olivia: Yes, I knew in high school that I was meant to be an Auto mechanic.

Carrie: When you came to tour NCST, did you already know what trade you wanted to learn, or did our team help you decide?

Olivia: I already knew what I wanted to go for.

Carrie: What did you like best about NCST and the program you took?

Olivia: I loved going to NCST. I loved learning new things and working on projects.

Carrie: How has NCST helped you get to where you are these days?

Olivia: I met my current boss at NCST when I took the service writers class, and I wouldn’t be where I am at today if it wasn’t for me going to NCST. I love my job and all the people that I work with.

Carrie: Tell us some things about your life and family.

Olivia: I love working and helping people. I love working outside, and I love going hiking, fishing, and camping with my friends and family. I love going to new places and trying new things, and I would love to eventually visit all 50 states and even some countries overseas.

Carrie: What can you share with us that might help others believe in themselves enough to get an education in the trades?

Olivia: It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks or says about you. It only matters what you think about yourself. Even if nobody else believes in you, you must believe in yourself.  And don’t be afraid to go against what everyone says is normal, normal is over-rated and boring.

Olivia Whitmer, New Castle School of Trades Automotive Technology Graduate