Transfer of Credit Policy


Transfer of credits are accepted on the basis of applicability to the chosen program of study. Students transferring from other postsecondary institutions or requesting advanced academic placement may challenge up to 50% of the credit hours required to graduate in a particular program offered by the school.

For credits to be accepted, students must have an official transcript sent directly from the previous educational Institution’s campus. Only courses with a minimum of “C” or equivalent will be considered for transfer credit. To obtain a transfer of credits, a student must submit on an application the courses they wish to have considered for transfer credit. Each transferred course will be posted to the academic transcript reflecting a grade of “TR” and will not be factored into GPA. The Director of Education will determine what credits will transfer.

Arrangements for test-out examinations for core curriculum are to be made through the Admissions Department and with the Director of Education. The time for challenging a course is limited. The minimum passing score is 85% and the student will be required to pass all lab or shop competencies. Courses must be challenged in order of prerequisites. A processing fee of $50.00 must be paid for each test-out course before testing. The test out option for general education courses is offered at no charge. Each course tested-out will be posted to the academic transcript reflecting a grade of “TO” and will not be factored into GPA.


The New Castle School of Trades offers training designed for employment in designated fields of study. The training curriculum is not designed with regard to credits being transferable to other institutions of learning. Therefore, the New Castle School of Trades makes no presumptions that credits earned may be transferable to other schools.