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The Importance of Enrolling in an Alternative Energy Training Program

Editors Note: Our Industrial Electro-Mechanical Program no longer offers training with solar or wind energy.

Why Should You Attend an Alternative Energy Training Program?

Are you looking to get out of your office routine, work outdoors, and start a career that makes a difference? With our Alternative Energy Training Program, you can start a rewarding career in a growing industry that will make a positive impact today, and for future generations to come.

The Right Time to Start is Now

  • Due to rising oil prices, global warming, and a steadily growing population, the demand for alternative energy sources is greater than ever. According to the Energy Information Administration, renewable energy sources account for 13% of all energy generated in the U.S. and their use is rapidly expanding.
  • Solar, wind, and low-impact hydroelectric employers expected to increase total employment by 7.2%, 4%, and 5.9% respectively in 2020.

Now is the best time to begin a career in this emerging field, and attending our alternative energy school is where to start!

What You Gain from Our Alternative Energy Training Courses

Unlike fossil fuels such as oil and coal, alternative, or renewable, energy is generated from clean, sustainable sources. These forms of energy are less damaging to the environment and will never run out. This means that a well-qualified individual who has taken part in alternative energy courses and training will have a wealth of career options! The market for renewable power has grown quickly over the past few years due in part to grants provided by the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy. These energy innovation grants fuel the industry and create jobs, making workers with quality renewable energy training sought after.

Students of our renewable energy training program have the opportunity to learn skills in not one, but two specialties in the growing field of renewable energy. These specialties are Solar Energy and Wind Power generation, which are offered at our New Castle, PA Campus.

Solar Power Maintenance Training

The solar power industry has expanded tremendously in recent years as prices for solar technology decreases. Many companies are starting to install solar panels in parking lots and on rooftops in order to reduce energy costs. These corporate decisions cause a high demand for workers with experience in solar panel installation and maintenance.

Wind Turbine Technician Courses

Currently, the fastest growing renewable energy in the world, the American Wind Energy Association notes wind power has expanded over 30% in the past 5 years. With over 46,000 wind turbines currently installed in the U.S., the need for wind turbine technicians is high and will only continue to grow as the industry expands. Wind turbine technicians install, maintain, and repair turbines, often while rappelling up to 300 feet in the air.

The NCST Advantage

When you choose NCST for your trade school education you’ll earn a 2-year associate degree in specialized technology and can go on to earn competitive wages in the renewable energy industry.

Additionally, the alternative energy program is part of our Industrial Maintenance with Wind & Solar Technology Program, meaning students get a solid foundation for their future with hands-on training in:

And after graduating from our Alternative Energy Training Program, we’ll help you transition smoothly into the workforce. You’ll receive resume help, professional development advising, and interview assistance from our Job Placement Assistance Program.

If you are interested in NCST’s Alternative Energy Program, give us a call at 724-788-4417 or fill out the form on this page.