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The Outlook for an Electrician Salary

Updated June 2022

How Do I Get The Best Electrician Salary?

So how much does an electrician make? What is the career outlook for a journeyman electrician? Your job and salary prospects as a skilled electrician are good and getting better. Pay is typically based on a combination of education and experience, allowing classes from NCST in New Castle, PA, or East Liverpool, OH to help your growth in the field. The best jobs are in industries that require knowledge of new technologies.

Below are some of the largest employing industries for electricians:

  • Electric Power Generation, Transmission, and Distribution
  • Local Government
  • Nonresidential Building Construction
  • Building Equipment Contractors
  • Employment Services

Entry-level electrician pay often begins at 30 to 50 percent of the rate paid to fully trained electricians. Master Electricians make the highest salaries due to their increased experience and education. The average journeyman electrician’s salary falls between these two extremes, with the average salary for electricians in 2021 being $60,040 according to the BLS. Finally, your electrician salary will also rise with your knowledge of new and emerging technology.

Where Should I Go For Training?

Beginning a career as an electrician can be rewarding, but you need the proper training first. If you want some of the best electrician training in Pennsylvania or Ohio, choose New Castle School of Trades! We have the technology and skills training you need to become an electrician and earn a comfortable starting salary in the field. When you complete an accredited electrician program, you will be on your way to a rewarding career upon graduation. We also offer industry-leading job placement and financial aid!

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