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Evaluating Your Trade School Options

Knowing What Questions to Ask

It’s time to further your education beyond high school. You have several options:

  • Traditional four-year college
  • Community college typically lasting two years
  • Trade school, designed to teach you the skills needed to perform a particular job.

Vocational schools offer a variety of programs in different fields, making it easy for a student like you to find a career you can be passionate about. Choosing a trade school to attend is much like choosing a traditional school. Depending on what you want to accomplish, you need to make sure the trade school is a good fit. Consider these four questions when looking around.

What programs are offered?

When it comes to any kind of education, variety is vital. A good trade school will be able to provide you with programs ranging from commercial truck drivingelectrical technology to HVAC Training. You may not have a clear idea of what you want to pursue, which is okay. There should always be a professional you can contact to get career advice from.

Are the instructors qualified?

The skills you need for your future career are essential. You want to make sure the people teaching those skills are among the best you can find. Look at the instructors leading the classes and see what industry experience they have. You want to surround yourself with instructors that can teach you everything there is to know about the field you plan on entering.

What’s exactly taught at this trade school?

With many skilled trades, the best way to learn is by doing. The right trade schools know this. They should offer an education that combines classroom theory with hands-on learning.

Is There Financial Aid?

Money shouldn’t have to be an issue when it comes to being able to attend classes. Make sure any trade school you want to attend has some sort of financial aid or scholarships available to those who qualify.

How will this trade school help my career?

Even after classes are over, the right trade schools will continue to help you. This is usually accomplished through job placement assistance that works with local companies that need employees with your skills. This will make finding work easier.

Asking these four questions will likely help you succeed at your educational goals. You can make sure you’ll have the best possible chance of thriving in your career.

Career Training with New Castle School of Trades

If you want a quality and accredited technical school in PA, then the New Castle School of Trades is where you need to go. We offer everything from automotive technology to HVAC training, and we know just what skills local employers are looking for. Our students learn the skills they need from qualified, experienced instructors to get ahead in an extremely competitive marketplace and shape their futures in the way they want. Between our comprehensive education, financial aid (to those who qualify), and job placement assistance, you can see why NCST is considered one of the top technical schools in PA & Ohio.

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