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7 Reasons You Should Choose a Trade School

Look to Further Your Career

Are you looking for a way to further your education to get your dream career but don’t think that college is the right option for you? If so, you may be the perfect candidate for a trade school. But just what is a trade school, and what does it entail? A trade school – also known as a vocational or technical school – is an educational institution designed to teach skills related to a specific career path.

Unlike college, where you take general courses in English, math, and science, a trade school gives you the essential information you will use throughout your career as a hands-on professional. So as you analyze the facts, and compare trade school to attending a college or university, you will see that there are many trade school benefits for the dedicated student looking to get ahead. Below, we’ve highlighted seven of the main benefits of attending a trade school.

1. Specialized Programs for an Exciting Career

One of the biggest benefits of trade schools is the type of programs they offer and how they can help you begin your career. Trade schools often build strong relationships with professionals from a variety of industries, allowing the schools to provide an up-to-date curriculum that caters to current market needs. For example, at the New Castle School of Trades, some of our programs include:

These programs not only give you the necessary information to succeed in your field, but they also train you for trades that are consistently in demand.

2. Practical, Hands-On Training

Unlike college where you spend time and money taking courses that don’t solely relate to your career field, the knowledge and training you receive in a trade school is directly related to what you will need to know in your job. Some benefits you’ll enjoy at a trade school include:

  • Your coursework will focus on what you need to know to be successful in your career and is designed to prepare you for the workforce.
  • Instead of relying solely on classwork to prepare you for your career, a trade school will also guide you through hands-on experience.
  • You will work with skilled instructors, learning on the same equipment and situations you may encounter in the field.

All of these factors give you a competitive advantage as you enter the workforce, allowing you to have the knowledge and understanding of the equipment you need to use, and teaching you how to operate this equipment both safely and effectively.

3. Graduate and Start Your Career Sooner

A major benefit of attending trade school rather than college is the amount of time it takes to graduate. While most college degrees are expected to take four years to complete, this is often not the case, as many students take five or six years to complete a bachelor’s degree. That means you’re looking at anywhere from four to six years before you can begin your career. At a trade school, though, program lengths are considerably shorter, allowing you to graduate sooner and begin working in less time.

4. Saving Money

By having an accelerated graduation timeline, you not only get to start working and earning sooner, but you also spend less for your education. Tuition for trade school tends to be cheaper than college as well, which allows you to save even more money as you go. At the New Castle School of Trades, we also offer financial aid  (for those who are eligible) to help you save even more.

5. Flexibility

Trade schools are designed to help you get the career you want. This means offering flexible class schedules to allow you to continue working as you jump-start your dream career. At the New Castle School of Trades, we offer both night and day classes so you can work while you go to school and get an education that works with your schedule.

6. Convenient Location

When going to college, students often have to travel far from home to find an accredited program for the job they want, resulting in additional costs. With a trade school like NCST, though, you can rest assured knowing that you are receiving a high-quality education while still remaining close to home. Our facilities are located in close proximity to Youngstown and Boardman, Ohio as well as the Pittsburgh area. This not only allows you to go to school close to home but also helps you make connections with professionals in the area, which can assist you in finding a job after you complete your program.

7. Industry Connections

Because of the way programs are structured in trade schools, they present you with numerous opportunities for professional networking, such as:

  • You are learning from skilled instructors, who are professionals in their own right. They can help you connect with others throughout the area and within your particular industry.
  • As you go through an NCST program, you also make connections with your peers. By taking hands-on classes, you will get to know your classmates, along with their strengths and work ethic.
  • These connections that you make in your classes could help you in the future, whether it be a former classmate recommending you for a job or potentially going into business together.
  • Some trade schools, such as the New Castle School of Trades, offer job placement assistance programs to help you begin your new career.

With NCST’s job placement assistance program, you will learn interview skills, get resume tips, and receive the benefits of us contacting area employers to learn about new hiring opportunities for our graduates. There’s so much available to help you succeed!

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