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Want to Achieve Success With Carpentry Training

Build the American Dream With Carpentry Training

Even in the toughest economic times, the great demand for skilled carpenters, for residential, commercial, and maintenance services, is high. Newcomers can achieve immediate success in the carpentry trades field by accessing the highest-level carpentry training available. Leave your mark on this great industry while earning the money necessary to provide you and your family. In order to find success in the trades industry, it is going to be admitted to find a trade school offering hands-on training.

What Can I Learn At A Carpentry Training School?

An elite building and construction program will prepare the novice carpenter by combining elements of a classroom, a lab, and hands-on training in the field. This industry is desperate for new, skilled carpenters, and you can fill that need with the proper carpentry training.

The program should cover the following fields:

  • Carpentry
  • Exterior finishes
  • Interior framing
  • Millwork
  • Roofing

The carpenter that enters this industry prepared will find immediate work with high earnings potential. While receiving carpentry training, a student should achieve experience in the commercial, industrial, and residential, environments.

Why Seek Formal Rather Than On-The-Job Carpentry Training?

On the job, you’re limited to the skills and the experiences of your mentor. In a formal program, teachers immerse you in all the aspects of carpentry. Novice carpenters achieve the skills that give them unlimited potential in the field.

You’ll have the opportunity to learn:

  • To work with basic mathematics, trigonometry, geometry, and algebra
  • The concepts of reading drawings used in the construction field
  • To classify the various woods according to their characteristics and properties
  • The methods for performing framing tasks and other rough carpentry jobs
  • The tasks for stair building and roof building
  • The general concepts of the National Building Code

When you leverage elite carpentry training today, you’ll put yourself on the path to long-term success.

Where Should I Receive My Carpentry Training?

Carpentry training is an extremely competitive industry and without the right training, you might fall behind the curve. Since 1945, New Castle School of Trades has been offering a comprehensive and high-quality carpentry training program. Students that graduate from the program find competitive jobs that help prolong their careers in the industry.

I couldn’t have gone to a better school… The training that I received from New Castle Trade School enabled me to find a job in the carpentry industry. I learned how to use classroom theory and blend it with hands-on practice. This allowed me to comprehensively learn the concepts and to use my artistic views on the work that I perform. Thank you NCST, without your help, I wouldn’t have been able to find the job I have today!


Richard Hawkins, New Castle Graduate

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