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New Castle CDL Truck Testing from Truck Testing Services

Are you looking forward to beginning a worthwhile career on the open road after completing your commercial truck driving courses at New Castle School of Trades? Once you’ve finished our thorough trucking program in New Castle, PA you’ll want to take the next step and receive CDL truck testing from our partner in Pulaski, PA, Truck Testing Services. TTS can provide the essential testing necessary to help you qualify for a host of prospective jobs so you can seamlessly transition into your career.

How to Prepare for New Castle CDL Truck Testing

By taking New Castle School of Trades’ trucking courses and acquiring fundamental knowledge and skills, you’ve accomplished a major component of what you need to do to prepare for your career.

Prior to coming to TTS for the skills portion of your testing, you will first need to complete the written knowledge portion of your testing. Here are some quick facts about the Knowledge Test required for obtaining your Commercial Learner’s Permit, or CLP:

  • The Knowledge Test is a written CDL exam designed to test your retention of the trucking information that you’ve studied from your State CDL Manual
  • The type of test you will take will differ based on the permit class you are seeking. Here at NCST, we train for Class A with airbrakes and recommend getting the tanker endorsement
  • The DMV or BMV that services your area functions as the location for your written Knowledge Tests
  • Test prep and studying material can be obtained for free through your state’s CDL driver’s manual

Once you complete and pass this portion of your CDL testing you can then move on to your training at NCST. Once training is completed you should be on your way to the skills portion at Truck Testing Services.

CDL Truck Test for New Castle Students

TTS’ CDL skills testing site in Pulaski, PA provides a central location for those with a CLP to finalize the CDL process.

As outlined on the TTS site, the Federal CLP requirements mandate that drivers must achieve passing scores in the following categories:

  • Pre-trip Inspection along with a full “In-Cab” Brake Test– For this portion, individuals identify truck parts and trailer parts, discuss vehicle safety, and perform the “in-cab” brake test.
  • On-Site Backing Skills Test (3 different maneuvers)– Following the inspection portion, drivers will need to complete backing maneuvers in the test vehicle assigned for the day.
  • On-the-Road Driving Skills Test– Drivers will operate their vehicle on a road course that has been approved by the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, showing their operation capabilities.

Ready for CDL Testing?

If you’ve finished your New Castle School of Trades commercial truck driving courses, or are nearing completion, be sure to contact TTS so you can schedule your tests and begin your career as soon as possible. Contact their team today to ask about CDL truck testing.

If you are interested in NCST’s Commercial Truck Driving Program, give us a call today at 724-788-441.