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Small Engine Repair School

Small Engines, Big Steps

Small engines are everywhere. You almost certainly own some, and you’ve absolutely used them in your everyday life. Small engines are in:

  • Weed Eaters/Leaf Blowers
  • Chain Saw
  • Lawn Mowers
  • ATV’s/Dirt Bike
  • Snowblowers
  • Boats/PWC
  • Power tools
  • and more…

In fact, they’re such an integral part of American life that there is a definite need for skilled professionals who understand how they work and can provide troubleshooting. If you learn small engine repair, you can find a career in most industrial and commercial construction and maintenance outfits.

Small Engine Repair Training

At the New Castle School of Trades, you’ll learn small engine troubleshooting and repair. Our hands-on day and evening classes give you the experience to troubleshoot, repair, and maintain small engines. In addition to the engine work, you’ll learn how to manage all of the systems and parts that are included in this equipment, including:

  • Chains
  • Belts
  • Carburetor’s & Non-Carborator Systems
  • Pull Starters
  • Proper Winterization

This type of training is not only valuable to your professional life it will be extremely useful in your personal life.  No need to take your lawnmower or chainsaw to the repairman, you are the repairman.

How New Castle School of Trades can help you

The New Castle School of Trades is here to help you embark on your new career. That’s why we offer job placement assistance, resume help, personal counseling, and financial assistance.  In addition, because employers are looking for well-rounded employees, our training program includes courses in:

  • Customer Service
  • Technical and Applied Math
  • Business Management
  • Job Search and Survival
  • Prints and Schematics

Is Small Engine Repair Right for You?

If the training mentioned interests you, then working with small engines is the key to your success. We offer many programs designed to suit a variety of industries and aptitudes.

Start Your Big Career in Small Engines with NCST

Companies require personnel in their shops to repair the equipment they use every day.  Often time’s, positions like this are what allow these companies to stay running. If interested, give us a call at 724-788-4417 or fill out the form on this page!