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Start the Journey to Becoming a Motorcycle Mechanic Today!

Learn what Motorcycle Repair School is Like

Do you enjoy working on engines? Interested in turning your passion into a career? NCST’s Motorcycle and Power Equipment Program will train you to troubleshoot, properly service, and repair motorcycles and other small engines. We want you to build a career servicing motorcycles and other small power equipment.

What to Expect in Motorcycle Mechanic Training

At New Castle School of Trades, you will be trained for the career you want. In our Motorcycle and Power Equipment shop, students will work hands-on with motorcycle engines, power equipment engines, and other small engines such as boat motors, lawnmowers, and more. Our training program is a 60-week process that takes students from diagnosing issues to fully repairing engines in less than two years.

The Motorcycle and Power Equipment Program doesn’t just teach students how to repair engines but also how to effectively perform maintenance on all the major systems of the power units. Students will have hands-on experience with small engines. By course completion, students will be able to show how to repair and maintain the following:

  • Pull Start Engines
  • Engines with and without carburetors
  • Engine belts
  • Proper winterization techniques

In addition to hands-on experience with the engines and machinery, our students are also taught the vital skills that will make them sought-after repair shop employees. We teach our students how to:

  • Handle Customers
  • Manage businesses
  • Read prints and schematics
  • Use technical and applied math
  • Search for jobs that fit their needs

Career Opportunities for Motorcycle Mechanics

By becoming a well-rounded employee through our Motorcycle and Power Equipment Mechanic school, you can be employed by any small engine repair shop. Some of our graduates have found success working with:

  • All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)
  • Marine Vessels
  • Personal Watercraft (PWCs)
  • Dirt Bikes and Motorcycles
  • Small Engine Equipment

We have found the above jobs are best suited for our students graduating from our program. As previously mentioned, we provide hands-on training with each of these types of engines and equipment. New Castle School of Trades’ Motorcycle and Power equipment program ensures they are job-ready by the time they have graduated.

Your Motorcycle Mechanic Career Starts with NCST

At NCST, we want all our students to be the best-prepared graduates they can be by providing them with the opportunities to have exceptional training. Begin your new career as a Motorcycle and Power Equipment Mechanic by joining our training program today! Contact us to get started today.